Sunday, August 9, 2009

dear ducky,

We've been through a lot together, friend, including the time I learned how to say the "ck" in your name instead of pronouncing it "Duddy."

I remember when Oma found you at that cute little shop in Brown County, Indiana. That was a good vacation, wasn't it? Especially the day mommy carried me around in the Snugli and I fell asleep and made her stomach sweat.

We were looking for a nice little blanket for me to sleep with since I had a tendency to wrap them around my head while I slept. (I was only 6 months old -- I didn't know any better). You were the perfect size and were yellow, just like mommy's blanket as a little girl.

We hit it off right away, didn't we? You were always the best traveling companion. And it was because of you that I learned to play Peek-A-Boo and say the word "mine." You were always there, like when I went to the hospital for a 104 degree fever, had tubes put in my ears, fell at school, or wanted to gnaw on your little beak.

I miss you, little guy. And if we can't find you, my mommy will miss me putting my hands up to my mouth and shouting, "DUCKY! Where go? Ducky?" I don't know where you are, but we're searching. If you're at the grocery store like mommy thinks you are, then wait for me by the donuts. I'll take chocolate.




Jennie said...

Ohh, so sweet.

Goofy Gramma said...

very sweet indeed. i hope ducky turns up soon...

and happy belated birthday. sounds like you had an awesome day!!

Punkin's Oma said...

I am so sad. I remember when you lost your blankie and how bad I felt. It was something I wanted you to have forever. But you adjusted and now have a HUGE blanket that is not very portable.

Kristiem10 said...

I know it's not the same as a broke in ducky, but is this it?

Punkin's Oma said...

Someone is bidding on it for Punkin. How awesome!