Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"for i know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord"

I was going to write all about one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever attended -- an outdoor ceremony with a mountaintop backdrop and a bride and groom worthy of the cover of a magazine. The bride wore, as I spied after the ceremony, lime green patent leather heels underneath sparkling lace. And I've never seen the groom, a good friend from college, look so happy as when he saw her walk down the isle.

I could also write about the 12 million course meal (pistachio soup and mushroom-stuffed ravioli) and the open bar (whoo!) or about how my camera disappeared* (Maybe it is with Ducky?) or about how I explored much of Connecticut with Lion and Boo in search of a decent restaurant only to end up at Burger King. BUT,

something amazing happened. Something orchestrated by God, I have no doubt.

I flew into NY on Saturday, stayed the night with a friend, and then we drove to Boston on Sunday for the wedding, and drove back to NY on Monday. Anyway, I'm settled into my seat on the plane in NY when a woman comes up and tosses her boarding pass and license onto the seat next to me. "Oh, you're from Iowa, too?" We established that we live in the same city and she convinced me (in a rather remarkable "I mean it" voice) that I should go get a mammogram (like, yesterday) after she shared that she's a breast cancer survivor and I shared a brief family history.

We walked to our connecting flight together and she showed me a picture of her granddaughter. "She is developmentally delayed."

"Oh! So is my son!" And the conversation went on from there. We discussed Fragile X (her granddaughter doesn't have a diagnosis), Medicaid, Social Security, IEPs, and the joy and heartbreak of raising such special people.

I'm pretty sure I met a very special lady. And I hope that because I've conquered a few of the obstacles that she and her family are still fighting, I may be able to help them. God put us on that flight, in seats right next to each other, for a reason. I NEVER and I mean NEVER comment on anybody's anything when I don't know them. God wanted me to see her license and reach out. I'm not sure exactly why yet, but I'm listening, watching, and waiting.

*I absolutely did not lose my camera because of the open bar. It was on the table, I went and danced, and it was gone. Sigh.


Punkin's Oma said...

God is always placing us in situations where He wants to use us. The problem is we don't always recognize those times, or we ignore the "little voice inside our head". You are special for listening and obeying. God will bless that brief encounter.

Love, Mom

Laura said...

Wow...that means that the later flight really was the right choice. How remarkable. That is a mysterious and wonderful encounter.

Jana Nickle said...

God definatly works in mysterious ways!

Kristiem10 said...

I love when stuff like that happens. (the lady on the plane, not the lost camera) I agree with your mom, God will bless your encounter with that lady. I love Jeremiah 29:11 also. I have it on a plaque in my kitchen.

Sarah said...

I totally believe in those kinds of meant-to-be occurrences.