Wednesday, August 26, 2009

in all seriousness

It's time we had a talk. Just you and me. So go fetch yourself some coffee or tea or a nice cup of hot water (Oma) and settle in for a little chat-a-roo.

See, there are times in a person's life when she must accept that certain tasks should be left to professionals, which, unless she is one of those professionals, means -- don't try the following things at home on your own:

1. Anything having to do with plumbing.
2. Anything having to do with electric.
3. Cutting your own hair.

And yes, some of you will argue about the last one -- but it's cheaper, but it's just a little, but I know what I'm doing. FINE. I concede. Just don't do it when you're hungover, in a hurry, or both.

Case in point: my bangs. This is probably a hairdresser's worst pet peeve. Women come in with wonky, cropped, ridonkulous bangs because they got frisky with some scissors and they're crying for salvation.

Hungover from the second wedding in two weeks + tired + in a hurry to make it to church + overdue at the hairdressers turns these bangs, which were admittedly long and a little awkwardly styled,

Looking a little better here. Sorry, Laura -- good thing you have a sense of humor, right? =)

The middle-split-or-else-they're-in-my-face look.

(I just like this picture because I look really aloof and you can see the pattern on my dress.)

into this -- a cropped, wonky mess that will hopefully grow to an acceptable length by Sept. 19, at which time I will be holding back tears of joy at Laura's wedding.

My friend Kathy assured me that they WILL grow, but I think maybe she was just playing along when she agreed that I'd wake up tomorrow and they'd be back to normal.

p.s. These photos belong to Sarah.


Anonymous said...

You're still beautiful and I love you.
Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

you can cut your own bangs...the trick is to hold the scissors straight up and snip into the bang instead of trying to cut across. That NEVER works.
And I agree with Aunt are still beautiful.
xoxo Aunt Kim

Laura said...

They will grow! I promise. Should I be worried that I'm going to go to SuperCuts for my pre-wedding trim?

What can I say, I am cheap.

sarah said...

Nothing can be quite as bad as when I was in high school and I cut my bangs to look like Romulan bangs. Yes, that is a Star Trek reference! So I no longer cut my own bangs either.

But I am sure you still look fantastic!

Kristiem10 said...

You could put some pink streaks in it and call it an emo haircut.

Punkin's Oma said...

Mothers are always honest--they looked goofy. but I love you.