Monday, August 10, 2009

just so you know

1. We did not find Ducky.

2. I went to the neurologist today for the results of my MRI and EEG. The EEG was fine. The MRI showed something very small in my temporal lobe, which is probably nothing to worry about. The doctor said that regardless of my other results, I will have to have a repeat MRI in a year to watch it. In the meantime, I was referred to an opthamologist and will have to have an MRV of my brain to look at my blood vessels.

3. Because he couldn't cuddle with Ducky after dinner, he asked very nicely if he could hold his swim diaper while he sat on the couch and then later when he went to bed.

"Mine? Water Day?" (Water Day is the day they play in sprinklers at school)

"Yes, it's yours. But no swimming."


"Yes, it's yours. But no swimming today."

"Mine? Hold it?"

"Yes, you can hold it."

"Mine? Hold it? Sit da da der?"

"Yes, you can hold it and sit on the couch."


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Jennie said...

I know it's nerdy, but I always feel so awesome to have heard the Punkin's little lilting questions and then get to read about them again here. He is so charming and cute! HA - just noticed my verification word is "blograb".