Friday, August 21, 2009

meanwhile it feels like october in august (it's chilly today)

So. Right now there are two kids in Punkin's self-contained preschool room (self-contained = just special needs kids). Three adults and two kids is not very exciting. In fact, it is rather depressing for the little man as all of his BFFs have moved on to kindergarten. But in an effort to keep things interesting and to provide some much-needed social interaction, Punkin's class has been combining parts of the day with another integrated (integrated = special needs and typical kids) class that is also low in numbers. Sometimes Punkin's class goes to the other room, sometimes the other room comes to him.

Well, today they spent almost the entire day in the other room and Punkin not only survived the change in schedule and number of kids, but he flew along with flying colors. *Beams with pride*

Well,that is until he got home and spontaneously combusted from all of that socially appropriate play, imitating correct speech patterns, and assisting with baking cupcakes for a friend's birthday.

After devouring two hot dogs and a half a can of mandarin oranges (at 3pm, and I'm sure he ate lunch), he proceeded to ask for chips, which I denied him, and wander around the apartment crying and muttering something about socks being broken. All because I told him to put his plate in the sink. You know, THE PLATE WITH WHICH HE WAS FINISHED.

Eventually he flung his head back and accidentally hit his head on the table, which gave me an "in" to cuddle him and calm him down, at which point I found Spongebob (his new love) on Nickelodeon and once again peace reigned.

And in case you're wondering, I really don't know why the sock was broken. He was holding it and every stitch appeared to be in order. The kid is obsessed with my socks. Every morning and every afternoon he walks into my room and picks one sock out of my drawer -- just one -- and puts it on, yanking it up all the way to his knee. Then he walks back to his room, puts on one of his own socks, and puts on his sandals. Most times I stop him from leaving the apartment in this unsightly state, but sometimes I let it slide. And the past few mornings he's insisted on carrying the sock with him to school, which wouldn't be that noticeable if he wasn't also dragging along an adult-sized pink fleece blanket.


kathy said...

Really men carry adult pink fleece blankets (and a sock) to school. I'd date him.
He did look worn out after school today, hope he sleeps well tonight. Can't wait for tomorrow, see you there.

Landon Andrew said...

Oh Erika, this makes me laugh and smile. Love the sock and blanket story! Keep them coming! :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for making me laugh. I love the image of Punkin carrying your sock and a blanket to school.