Sunday, August 30, 2009

of course there's always the breakfast-flavored dental floss

Legally Blonde is on; it's the montage where she gets her act together and becomes a real student. I LOVE happy/working-it-out -towards-a-goal montages.

Punkin is very into backpacks these days, and I scored a Toy Story one this weekend for $8.50. I was out of town for a bachelorette weekend, and when I came home and gave it to him, he put it on right away -- just a diaper and a backpack. Sexy, sexy little man. I'll work on getting a picture with him clothed to share with you.

The bachelorette weekend was SO nice. We shopped and slept and ate yummy Mexican food and drank Boones Farm and ate homemade chocolate scones and lingered over old yearbooks from college. It was relaxing and low-key and a perfect way to help one of my very dearest friends celebrate her upcoming wedding.

I owe Oma big time for babysitting so often this summer. I love knowing that not only can I enjoy these special events with my friends, but Punkin cherishes spending time with his beloved Oma and Opa. I thought about getting her an Obama bobblehead at Urban Outfitters as a thank you gift, but I was pretty sure she already had one (wink wink).


Laura said...

It WAS amazing except I don't remember the sleeping part. Luckily the awake parts were so much fun!!

Punkin's Oma said...

I would love the bobble head since it represents him well, the boob.

Katia Craig said...

Ooh... Breakfast Floss. So, how do they taste? Do they taste like their flavor? And yes, I'm very curious about those floss.