Sunday, August 30, 2009

once upon a time four girls tried to go to dinner

I work at a preschool in a room with 3, 4, and 5 year olds who have special needs. My workplace is also 98% female. When you work in a school with a bunch of women, you tend to form bonds with them. A few of us decided to have a Girl's Night last Wednesday -- just a simple dinner and a chance to have an adult conversation.

Well, let's just say we ended up spelling half of the words in our sentences.

I had to bring Punkin and my friend ended up having to bring both of her girls because her non-custodial parent decided at the last minute that hanging out with his daughter was inconvenient. The hostess sat us in a large booth near the kitchen and we were able to box in Punkin, which was quite necessary since we met them at the restaurant at the exact same time his Ritalin lost its effect.

He happily climbed back and forth underneath the table, settling mostly between the two childless women on the other side, who used their cat-like speed and reflexes to snag steak knives out of his hands.

I felt better about the fact that he was stealing everyone's straws and asking to smell the plants on the ledge above the benches when the younger girl, who is the same age as him, decided to salt her water and claim a bowl of salsa for her own. Of course, that was probably a good idea and one I should have considered for Punkin, who doesn't yet understand "double-dipping" etiquette.

Really, it was a very nice time even if a little more chaotic then intended, and everyone (including us teachers) were very well-behaved. Some of us even used the potty because we saw our friends doing it!

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Kathy said...

I'm so going to have to get in on one of those trips. Sounds like a fun time. I love wrestling for steak knives.