Tuesday, August 11, 2009

quick update and EEWW

Our friend Kathy is trying to bid on Ducky on Ebay, so don't bid against her! =)

My eyes are healthy. The MRV is next week.

Drops to check blood pressure in eyes + drops to dilate eyes = blurred vision and general drunken feeling. I do not recommend. Unfortunately my blurred vision did not keep me from seeing this:

Also, a tip to parents of boys: Make sure the "little guy" is tucked INSIDE the pull-up to avoid yellow puddles in the frozen foods section at 6:30am.


Jennie said...


Jana Nickle said...

Is that a freakin..bug??? OMG!! Thats funny about the "puddle"
Thats one I HAVENT been through...yet.

Kristiem10 said...

That's funny about the puddle. Not funny about whatever that disgusting thing is on your door. Gross!

therextras said...

Your advice is the sequel to protective eye-wear during diaper changes of the "little guy". lol. Good advice.