Sunday, August 9, 2009

the time my voice went up 12 octaves

So. Friday night I went out with a bunch of girls from work to commiserate with them over our secretary moving to a different state. We're gonna be lost for a long time. A long time. ANYWAY, I' was sitting at the Mexican restaurant innocently -- and delicately -- sipping on my margarita (haha) when a troop of waiters surrounded me, plopped an oversized sombrero on my head, and sang songs in Spanish that I assume had something to do with taking tequila shots. Later, the manager brought a round for the entire table. Note to self: go to that restuarant for every birthday.

On Saturday, Oma called and told me to come to her house around 11am so that we could go out to lunch. As we were driving, it occured to me that she never asked where I wanted to eat; I didn't say anything -- I figured she had something in mind. Then we drove right past one of my favorite restaurants and right out of town. "Where are we going?"
"Okay, don't tell me."
Several moments passed.
"I decided we should take a little drive. To D."
There's only one reason to drive an hour and a half to D -- to meet my sister. (I know, right?!)

So we had lunch in D, looked in a few little shops, and rode a trolley. Punkin found the trolley exceptionally awesome, second only to the salad with ranch dressing he had for lunch.

After we drove home from D, Oma sent me out to buy pizza and beer for a small party at my parents' house, complete with a homemade FUNFETTI cake (thanks, Super). I decided that if I ever get married, my cake will be funfetti. Sprinkles + cake + buttercream frosting + more sprinkles = A Really Good Idea.

Another really good idea? Oma sending me out with a couple of friends and Opa for karaoke and shuffleboard.

And today? Today I recovered very slowly. We ended the weekend on a high note, though, for sure. Punkin has always loved the water, but swimming with him is difficult because he hangs on me and pushes his feet against my stomach and legs. In short, he's nervous and doesn't know how to kick his feet.

Well, Oma being the brilliant Oma that she is, suggested I buy this crazy swimming suit with a built-in life jacket. Not only did Punkin agree to wear it, but after the initial shock of the cold water wore off, he grabbed an inflatable ring and basically jumped in the pool. A few minutes later, he waved goodbye to me and doggy-paddled away. (I have no idea, by the way, how he learned that.) Granted, he was wearing TWO flotation devices, but he kicked his feet! He really did it! And then. THEN he went down the water slide! I didn't have to hold him the entire time we swam!

I am so proud of him! And he was proud, too. He really does like being independent. Woo-hoo! Guess we'll be using the pool at the Y more often now!


Jennie said...

SO exciting! Go punkin go!

Anonymous said...

Katie's best friend had a funfetti cake for her wedding. I made just the regular cake for her and hubby to cut then they ordered cupcakes for the guests. It was very "funfetti"

Laura said...

What an awesome, awesome birthday!!!