Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bye, truck! love you, too!

Punkin says the silliest things, I swear. He told a passing truck this morning that he loved it. No, he assumed that the truck loved him as much as he loved it (and cared enough to tell it as much). And perhaps it did. Perhaps it did.

He is one smart little guy. When he wants to go somewhere, he brings me my purse and my shoes. And once we got that settled tonight, he grabbed about five cars and said, "Hold 'em?"
"You can take two." He dropped all but two. And then went through a seven minute process to determine whether or not those were, in fact, the two he actually wanted to bring. Once we got in the car he set them on the seat and never touched them again; I'm pretty sure they're still there.

But the important thing is that he knows the concept of "one," "one more," and maybe even "two." And that's pretty stinkin awesome.

But with maturity in areas such as imaginative play, speech, an ability to tolerate (and even prefer) larger groups of children and a desire to be independent -- especially a desire to be independent --comes a feisty streak. A sits-for-an-hour-at-the-breakfast-table-refusing-to-take -a-teensy-tiny-bite-of-banana-bread-feisty streak. Ya, THAT.

And he's replaced the pink blanket with a blue one. He left the pink one at school one day and I offered him the blue one instead. He accepted, and now it's a match made in heaven. It's also half the size, so that helps, but I kinda miss the pink one. I found it funny.

Speaking of funny, tomorrow is picture day. Should we take a poll in the comments on what Punkin's hair will look like?


Punkin's Oma said...

It had better be combed. He liked it when I brushed his hair--he even brought me the brush.

Jennie said...

My guess is that he's gonna go all Calvin-style with his hair. And don't dog on the process of deciding which one - I still do that and I'm thirty!! Honestly, I love you little man and I'm sure that everything in Creation loves him too. How could the truck NOT love him?!?!