Wednesday, September 23, 2009

how does your child's anxiety manifest itself?

Punkin's anxiety tends to present itself as ADHD and autism symptoms. So for the past four days he's been unable to sit in a chair, even to eat NOONULS (Hamburger Helper) and is dissolving into fits of tears and rage when the wind blows. In other words, he is hitting himself a lot and falling out of his chair frequently. The fake (and real) crying doesn't help the migraine situation, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of fake crying, in a few respects, he is just reaching that 2-year-old level of development in certain areas. Most notably, he comes to me with his owies looking for sympathy and physical care. Oftentimes he causes these "injuries" himself by kicking me. He kicks me and then holds out his foot, "Wook! Mom! Wook! Oww! Oh no! Ah hurt ah me!"

This is not to say that his ADHD and autism and sensory disorder symptoms aren't real otherwise, it's just that they are amplified during times of stress -- amplified and much more difficult to manage.

But I started this post on Wednesday and now it's Thursday and things are much better. We were even able to go get his hair cut tonight after we went out for a "burder." He insisted on giving all of the workers a high-five on his way out. =)

Since we lost Ducky he's latched on to a few new things, one of which was the pink blanket. Now he likes the blue blanket because, I think, it reminds him of a former classmate's blanket that he liked. He liked the blanket, not the classmate, as the classmate rarely attended school. Anyway, he now has a new lovey of sorts.

Before the wedding, Lion e-mailed to ask if I could pick up some postcards for her. I figured it would be a quick and easy task. I tried a local restaurant; they had photographs of farm animals and machinery in 5x7s. I tried the airport (I flew out of a different airport) because it is small and never busy and very easy to get in and out of and I knew it had lots of choices; it was closed at 6:30pm on a Tuesday night. It had been open at 5am on a Saturday two weeks prior, but closed at dinner time on a week night. OK. I call a friend to lament. Punkin is asking for Oma and Opa as he is convinced this crazy car trip will somehow end in SOMETHING fun. My friend suggests The World's Largest Truckstop. DUH.

So I head out there and I go up to the counter (there are like 12).
"Do you have postcards?"
"We have these."
"Just these four?" Just this one with the semi and the one with the computerized version of the outside of this building and the two other decent ones? Seriously? "Punkin! PUnkin! PUNKIN!"

I Found him with a little yellow school bus and never let it go. And that's when I decided to let him keep it because I had to go ask two more people for more postcards because I needed MORE OPTIONS and this truck stop has EVERYTHING and there is NO WAY they just have FOUR postcards. NO WAY. And sure enough, they had an entire aisle of them -- and it was the second person who finally directed me to that aisle. And we had been out searching for postcards for going on two hours and it was getting a bit ridiculous for him at this point and I felt BAD.

I also felt bad for me when he pooped in the car.

And, of course, he did not sleep when we got home.

He wanted to sleep with the bus, so I let him. Then he was banging the bus on the wall, so I took it. "BUS! MY BUS! I FROWED IT! DA BUS! I FROWED IT" He proceeded to stay up 'til 11pm, even with 4mg of melatonin. He was jumping on my bed when I finally picked him up and plopped him back in his bed and sternly said, "It. Is. NIGH. NIGHT."
"No bus."

This was the night before I left, and the bus sat in the bathroom until I got back Sunday night when I placed it in bed with him. When he saw it Monday morning, his eyes lit up and he's slept with it every night since. I'm sure my neighbors love it when he throws it down the stairs at 6:30 every morning.

He basically treats Bus like he treated Ducky, but Bus isn't as soft and cuddly as Ducky. It's a harder sell for me. Still cute, though, when he puts him to sleep and gives him kisses. My heart broke a little bit yesterday when we were in the car and he dropped Bus and put his hands up to his face and yelled, "Bus? Bus? Where yar you? Bus? Ducky? Where -- Bus -- Where yar you?"

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Kristiem10 said...

That sounds like a marathon shopping excursion. Drew's anxiety leads to a total refusal to cooperate with any undesirable situation. Also finger biting and squawking. Blake's anxiety manifests in the form of hitting and knocking things over.

I think I have lived your "bus! I frowed it!" experience at my house. I am glad he has found something that makes him happy now that Ducky is gone. Hey, at least he remembers Ducky?