Friday, September 25, 2009

makes me laugh every day

Punkin had a poopy diaper. I cleaned him up and told him to put on a new pull-up. He balked. BALKED. And then calmly picked up his comb, looked at me, plopped it in the toilet, looked at me again, and flushed. When I didn't react, he lost it again. As he stood over the potty going, "Oh no!" I slipped all other items out of his reach. He caved when he heard Spongebob (the one where he and patrick become parents to a baby scallop) in the living room. Clearly I have been dressing him too much and I need to insist he be more independent.

Also, he's figured out how to open the sliding door out to the balcony. Last night he picked up a rather heavy hanging plant and tossed it over the railing. Note to self: put a stick in the door to block it from opening. Also, buy a heavier pot and a new comb.

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Jennie said...

Ah, the eternal battle of foster-parents-out-of-water with a scallop, or "poopy go down the hoooooole". Classic.