Tuesday, September 8, 2009

note to self and some musings

Dear Last Wednesday Erika,

When you look Punkin's pill case on thursday, make a note to call the doctor as soon as possible to leave a message for a refill. K? K. Be warned, if you don't, the following WILL take place: you won't realize that you ran out of Ritalin until Saturday morning AFTER you've given him his morning dose.

But you'll think that because the doctor's office is open that it will be fine. HA! You'll get all hopeful that everything will be fine and when you call they'll be all apologetic and tell you that they don't usually "do" refills on weekends, and they especially can't this time because his doctor won't be in until Tuesday.


You only have plans to go to an outdoor concert that night (and no afternoon dose to give him), church the next day, and shopping or other out-in-public activities on Monday. No big deal!

You will, in these few days, learn why you started medicating your child in the first place and why you will never ever EVER let his prescription lapse again. You will set the alarm on your phone for next month's refill. And you WILL survive the weekend, I promise.

And you will also survive the migraine on Tuesday afternoon while you drive 40 minutes round-trip to pick up the written prescription at the doctor's office (can't call it in or prescribe automatic refills as it is a controlled substance) and waiting 40 minutes at the pharmacy while an old man hits on you.

Tuesday Erika

I know some parents don't think their children need their ADD/ADHD medications on weekends, but my precious Little Punkin needs his meds every day. He just doesn't know what to do with his body, mainly his limbs. Oh and the BANGING OF THE TOYS.

Today was, of course, a bit of a rough day emotionally, but he got by with the help of his sock, err, my sock.

"Punkin, whose sock is that?"
"Da da sock a Punkin."
"It's mommy's."

He apparently even played with it during center time at preschool. What a goof! Cheap Christmas present, though -- a package of men's tubes socks!

Here's Punkin and Aunt Mememe playing "Nigh-night! Wake up!" for about the 124th time (seriously, that's the whole game -- pretend to sleep, cover up with the blanket, fake snore, yell GETUP in each other's ears, and repeat):


kathy said...

Love the pic of you and David. Glad you got his meds and hopefully the migraine will stay away.

Jennie said...

He looks so much like you in that bottom pic. Cute!

Kristiem10 said...

I have so been there. And I am picking up their controlled substance paper prescriptions today. Love the sock conversation.