Saturday, September 5, 2009

well, he went with the clean-cut look

Because, as I told his teacher, as much as I was tempted to let him go in his favorite striped shirt (which he often sleeps in) and bed-head, as it is a true representation of my best man, I depend on my mother too much for things like babysitting, a shoulder to whine on, and Mexican food. =)

He wore a very cute green shirt and I combed his hair THREE times that morning - he kept wanting to hang upside down or tossle it around and I had to redo it. He KNEW, Oma. HE KNEW. So if his hair is askew, it is NOT MY FAULT!

He did great. In fact, he's been doing a great job -minus his breakfast meltdowns --all week. What's the deal with breakfast, you ask? Well, I'm not really sure. Because, you see, the child I know eats two hot dogs on a bun, two cups of grapes, and a cup of vegetables for dinner after eating a bowl of chips for snack and a hamburger, two servings of fruit, and vegetables for lunch. He used to love breakfast, and I'm thinking it's the Ritalin.

But even on days when he gets the Ritalin later, he still doesn't eat as much. I'm wondering if, like his momma, he just doesn't care much for breakfast food. I wake up and want pizza; Punkin wakes up and wants tortilla chips.

So he sits and refuses to take even one bite of his breakfast at school. He starts off pitching a fit, but then the aide tells him to stop and he does (!!) and so he just sits and stubbornly refuses to eat a teensy bite of pear or muffin or cereal. Eventually he decides enough is enough and just does it so that he can go to recess, but it's sometimes as long as an hour later.

His teachers have figured out that he does better when he eats breakfast in an integrated room, which makes sense to me; he only has one other kid in his room right now and there's 10x as many positive peer models in the other room. We're going to talk next week about integrating him more since he's been handling the bigger numbers so well, and I think integrating for breakfast might be an easy solution to this behavior problem.

I also have to mention my love-affair with Best Buy. But I need to add a disclaimer: I bought the extended warranty and paid big bucks for it. Anyway, I bought my laptop from Best Buy last May and forked over an extra couple hundred dollars for and extended accidental damage warranty because my other laptop was accidentally damaged to the point of no return and I live with my clumsy self and an ADHD toddler. ANWYAY, not even a month later, that same toddler chucked a toy at the screen and cracked it into oblivion. I took the computer in and within a few minutes they were sending it in for repair. A few weeks later, I had my computer back.

Fast-forward to the present. I have a loveseat and a couch. Punkin has claimed the couch for himself, and so I am relegated to the loveseat. In fact, even when he's in bed, I sit there even though size-wise, we really should switch, no? But let's not be logical. ANYWAY, I had the laptop sitting on MY COUCH, plugged in, and Punkin decided he didn't want it there and shoved it onto the floor. I panicked, as this is how my first laptop broke. WARRANTY! I checked it out and everything but the power cord looked fine.

The cord is useable, but I don't want to damage my computer in any way, so I finally took the cord in to Best Buy and asked them about it. WARRANTY! They cover it (one time). AND AND, they will give me one new battery before the warranty expires. I'm telling you, even if the screen hadn't cracked, the cord and a battery alone are worth the cost of the warranty -- which is for three years.

And unlike that OTHER place where I bought my camera (which is now stolen, and yes I will say that every time I mention my camera because I am still bitter), their warranty actually meant something. And they didn't ask any questions -- because I paid for a service and am now cashing in on it. Because that's how the customer service world is supposed to work, thankyouverymuch.


Punkin's Oma said...

AMEN, Sista

Jennie said...

Glad you got the love you deserved.

FXSmom said...

u just totally rock :o)