Monday, September 21, 2009

who changed my home page while i was gone? and, my kid is the one in the shopping cart screaming his head off

My trip to Lion's wedding was amazing; the adjustment back to reality has been tumultuous.

I left on Wednesday morning via a shuttle to Chicago (I hate driving) with a delightful migraine that stayed with me until I broke down and had a beer sometime around 1pm. My flight was uneventful and I love Southwest except that there are no assigned seats which means that there are two groups of people: those who sit in the isle or window seats and those who have no idea where to sit because it isn't written in Times New Roman for them. Boarding took forever and nobody wanted to sit in the middle even though those were the only seats left. SIT DOWN PEOPLE. Staring at the isle seat will not make it vacant. *Sigh*

Friends picked me up at the airport and we checked into The Kitty Litter Motel (aka: The Howard Johnson which I thought would be fine and not ghetto but which was, in fact, completely awkward with a tiny separate building for an office across the parking lot from all of the rooms so that in order to get to the free breakfast that we never woke up in time for you would not only have to put on shoes but walk the expanse of the hotel and a good portion of blacktop that ran alongside the broken-down pool). We made a mental note to pick up some Febreeze and rushed back out to the car to drive to Lion's mom and stepdad's house for bridesmaid duties, which included tying ribbons on bags of peanuts, putting bookmarks in books, and making bags of birdseed for guests to toss.

We then rallied our mad skills with some of the groom's friends to help Lion's mom and stepdad's trivia team win the game and some t-shirts. I proudly wore mine for about 5 minutes until I realized it was on backwards. Oops.

Thursday was total girly-girl day. I had my first yoga class, a much-needed pedicure, and more than a few glasses of wine.

On Friday we all pitched in to make the flower arrangements for the centerpieces before heading to the rehearsal.

And Saturday was a whirlwind of friends and photos and dancing. I hope (and I think) Lion and her husband (!!) felt as much love as I did surrounding them.

A few photos (I have photos, 179 of them, because Lion's mom is the sweetest woman ever and gave me her old camera -- thank you!!):

My nail color, which made me laugh because Tuesday night Punkin was jumping on my bed at 10:30pm even after 4 melatonin -- the kid KNEW I was leaving. He KNEW and he was gonna party 'til sunrise with his momma.

The groom and his men made this photo booth, which I found to be pretty sweet. The wallpaper is amazing, right?

All of the bridemaids got to pick our own dresses -- anything we wanted. I don't have a photo of us all together, but I saw one and it looked really nice.

The bouquets were made by a florist, but the centerpieces we did ourselves. Lion collected tins and vases throughout her engagement and we just filled them with poppies and roses.
It was a perfect outdoor farm wedding and I came home feeling pretty relaxed, although the shuttle ride home from the airport was longer than it needed to be.
But Punkin is slowly losing his mind, and Monday at 4:45pm we were Those People at the grocery store. You know, the mom who is practically ignoring her screaming child as he sits in the large basket part of the cart, surrounded by canned fruit, as she picks out Lean Cuisines. He hit a hunger wall, an attention wall, and an I need to be back in a boring routine wall somewhere in dairy when he began throwing things out of the cart. Things like cantaloupe.
But we made it home and two more things have happened that I need to report on. One, his full-sized bed arrived and he is in LOVE. I am in love with the six drawers underneath and he thinks it's pretty sweet that we can play the night-night game in HIS bed now. And two, he has been hanging out with a boy who makes a dinasour noise. Need I say more?
Oma and Opa, I owe you BIG. Thank you. I didn't worry at all while I was away because I knew he was happy and safe with you.


FXSmom said...

wowsa...that is a lot of stuff in one weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Be sure and ask Dani about her Howard Johnson experience in Portland.

Punkin's Oma said...

Punkin was roaring a lot during the weekend. I thought he was a lion. Now I know.

Rose's Blog said...

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Sarah said...

Glad you got to have a fun weekend away! I hope there hasn't been any more cantaloupe-throwing and that your migraines are better.