Friday, October 2, 2009

blinded by the light

So I'm sitting at the neurologist's office telling her, as best I can in my raspy bronchitis voice, that I haven't had a migraine in almost a week and the fluorescent light above me started stabbing me in the eyeball. STABBING ME IN THE EYEBALL. The headache was short-lived, but it happened. I hate that light.

Every time I go to the neurologist's office she asks me, "How do you sleep at night?" I don't know if I look exhausted or guilty, but apparently she thinks I don't sleep well and need a sleep study done. My mother has HORRENDOUS sleep apnea. We're talking shaking the house, people. Her c-pap machine can't keep up with her.

Anyway, I don't snore unless I'm drunk or sick (I don't think I do, anyway; Punkin hasn't ever complained). But I do have trouble sleeping unless I take some sort of drowsiness-inducing medication. And even then it can be a challenge to fall asleep. And I do grind my teeth. And again, without the meds, I have very light, restless sleep with lots of bizarre dreams. With meds, I'm usually okay. As my sister said earlier, I sleep like a log. A heavy log. I'm always tired, but I just chalk that up to parenting.

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't know if I need this test. I've already met my deductible for the year, so I would just have to look and see how much my insurance would pay -- which is probably 80%. I'm thinking if they tell me anything it's just going to be that I need medication to help me sleep, which I already take. I don't know. I JUST DON'T KNOW, PEOPLE!

This is something I wanted to have done for Punkin, not me. He's the one with the crazy night-waking episodes, though they aren't as frequent now. He's the one who had to be put to bed 37 times in one evening.

Okay, okay, we are cut from the same pattern. I also know this is an "FXS Issue." But what should I DO?


Kathy G said...

Check on the insurance. Do the sleep study, maybe you could get a two for one deal and take David too. It's been a long week, so rest up this weekend and I'll see you Monday

SB said...

not trying to scare you, but please follow up on that study. I had the same thing happen to me when I was 22. Blinding pains in my eye, poor sleep...I eventually had a stroke which took me years to bounce back from.

Take care of yourself :)

d. said...

The Wife is not a good sleeper. Never has been, apparently. A couple of years ago, her doctor noticed she had comically large tonsils and he said to her, these might be interfering with your oxygen intake.

So she had a sleep study done, and it was pretty awful. See, when she didn't sleep one night, she'd get anxious about sleeping the next night, and it'd snowball over the next several days. So they put her in an uncomfortable, unfamiliar place, hooked her up to a bunch of diodes and said, OK, just relax try to drift off.

You can imagine how well that went. She didn't sleep at all.

Their conclusion? She has trouble sleeping.


She did go back for a second one, though, and she managed to sleep a little bit -- and they were able to determine that her doctor's guess was right. Once she had those bad boys taken out, the physiological obstacles to sleeping were removed -- now it's just a matter of anxiety, when there's an issue.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that although it was an exercise in the obvious, and incredibly unpleasant, it WAS ultimately useful -- in a sort of confirm-what-we-already-know sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Have the study. Sleep apnea is nothing to mess with.
Love you. AP

Anonymous said...

Our Sunday paper has a column called People's Pharmacy. Someone wrote in today's column about having headaches for 20 years, going to five different Dr.s, etc. Described the headaches as "a red-hot poker in your eye socket." Finally got diagnosed with cluster headaches. Was prescribed verapamil for prevention and oxygen with a rebreather mask for treatment. I think the key part of this was this person needs more oxygen which is basically what a c-pap machine does. Gives you more oxygen. I'll send the article to you.