Wednesday, October 14, 2009

but it was only $5.99

Sorry the posting has been light, y'all. Truth is, I just don't feel good. After that week where the migraines seemed to be letting up, they are now back in full force. The one Monday night was the worst yet pain-wise. And today at school it just zapped all the energy right out of me even though the pain wasn't actually that bad. It's just odd. I put in a call to the neurologist, so I am waiting to see what she says. And yes, the sleep study is scheduled for November 13th. Hey Oma, can you sleep over on November 13th?

I'll be sure to leave the Spongebob DVD sitting out, the one I'm regretting buying. The one that he used to just watch start to finish. The one that now causes my head to roll as he lounges on the counch eating chips, chugging juice, flapping his arms, and shouting, "Twabby patty! Twabby patty! Twabby patty!" until I fast-forward to episode four. Seven minutes into episode four it starts again, "DA ONE DA ONE DAONEDAONE! TWABS! MIDDER TWABS!?" I go to the episode menu and make him point to the one he wants. That one barely finishes and, "JellyFISH. JellyFISH." As Spongebob and Gary lead the jellyfish back to the field, the cycle continues, "Twabby patty! Twabby patty!"

I just sit and play Crickler crosswords; my handicap is down to 12.

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