Tuesday, October 27, 2009

if i stop going to the doctor, they'll stop finding things wrong with me

There's a bone at the top of my neck and now that I've told three people what it is I can't remember the name of it. Anyway, best as I can understand, it's shaped liked a smooshed donut and my spine sits in the center of it. Maybe it starts with an A. Anyway, it's wreaking havock on my body -- has been for some time, apparently. It's settled itself closer to my right ear than the center of my neck, and the pressure to my spinal cord is causing headaches. Not migraines, just ordinary headaches. I've become so accustomed to them that I hardly noticed anymore until recently to say, "I have a headache, but not a migraine."

Well, somehow this silly bone is causing everything in my body to be off, and is contributing to my hip problems. Or rather, my Right Leg Is An Inch Shorter Than My Left Leg Problem. It's not actually shorter, but the muscles in my belly are pulling my hip out of place and my back has "succomb to gravity" as the the chiro so eloquently stated, and it appears that way. So now I get to lay on the floor twice a day and press really hard on a certain muscle that hurts really badly all the way down my leg when I press on it to try and relax it into submission.

I am also supposed to try to sleep with only one pillow. HA!

This chiro specializes in accupuncture. He used a vibrator-type thing on me today, but he may use needles in the future. I REALLY hope he does because I am so curious about that. I wish I could have someone take pictures. Who wants to take pictures?

I like this new chiro, he's super nice, but I feel like I'm cheating on my other chiro. I started going to this one because he's in the office of my neurologist and she recommended it. I feel so GUILTY. Plus, they never made me pay my co-pay, and this guy will for sure. And I'm guessing it will be hefty. WHY DO I KEEP TRYING TO SOLVE MY PROBLEMS? Why can't I just take an Advil and live with it?


Vicki Davis said...

Your doing the right thing. I hope you start to feel better, can Oma go with you for an appointment and take pictures? I have always been curious about the needles too. Its weird how everything is so connected.

I just recently took Holly to UC Davis and had this list of weird things she does, or are phisiological, that you never read or hear about, like profuse sweating, and Dr. hagerman wasn;t phased, she attributed all of them as common fragile X things. its crazy.

Jennie said...

ATLAS bone!!!! I remember 'cause when you told me it made perfect sense given its location.

Jennie said...

PS: You SHOULDN'T just take an Advil and live with it - incorrectly-aligned spines make all sorts of problems - sore necks, hurty feet, bad knees..... Better to try to work on the issues than to ignore them.

roonstuff said...

My cousin uses a sweet chiropractor kind of like that. I even take Wesley when he's being a total brat. His neck goes out of alignment sometimes (this is when he gets bratty, it's amazing) and the chiro puts it back in. He basically just pushes behind your ear and BAM, you're back in alignment. It's amazing what that one little neck bone can screw up when it wants too!

Liz said...

I think I suffer from the same mis-alignment! Although, I refuse to go to the chiropractor to confirm my own very expert diagnosis. I'll just continue to take Motrin and stretch the heck out of it until it complies. I think the stretching is actually working, because it's feeling better and I have more mobility!
Anyway... Thanks for the post! I appreciate knowing I'm not the only one who suffers from the same neck trouble and who feels guilty about seeing multiple doctors. (It does feel like cheating!)

BakerGirl said...

I have the same thing with my hips. Only, I got it from a very muddy cross country season and the build up of scar tissue tightened the ligaments, therefore pulling one hip higher than the other.

It's bothering me now after six years of being fine. I'm trying to live with it and hope it doesn't escalate into what it was at one point. Physical therapy without insurance coverage would be miserable.