Sunday, October 11, 2009

i've been out of college for FIVE YEARS, people

The trip to my Alma Mater on Saturday didn't start off so well:
But things improved quickly and we stopped by some local hot spots with my sorority sisters, one of which is The Rock. Students are free to graffiti it as they wish. If I still remembered my tour guide trivia (I worked in the admissions office for four years), I would tell you how much it weighs and how long it's been on campus. But all of that information has been taken over with sensory diets and the best way to remove ketchup from small hands and faces.

Then we headed down to the football game (brr!!!) where they were selling these old helmets. Punkin was intrigued.

It was nice to see familiar faces and places. I would have liked to have seen a few more, but oh well. Someday! This one's for you, Lion and Boo:


sarah said...

I wish I hadn't had to miss it! I so love the picture of you two at the rock!

And yay! Bowman! :D

Jennie said...

Oh, so homesick now! I remember when I first visited Cornell in high school, and saw girls hanging out the windows at Bowman chatting with passersby. I knew right then I wanted to live there.

Laura said...

Yay for pictures! Yay for David at Cornell!! These make me so happy!

♪Juste Moi♥ said...

oh how fun!! glad you got to reconnect