Wednesday, October 28, 2009

well, poop

i hit "publish" on yesterday's post and started to drift off to sleep -- okay, i hacked for a solid 10 minutes because i was sleeping on one pillow and this insane cough still isn't gone -- and i startled, "BUT IS HE COVERED?" i never checked to see if this amazing new chiropractor was in my network.

i checked the insurance website, which is very out-of-date, and his name wasn't listed. i called the chiro's billing office today and they said that they've been paid by my insurance in the past. i called the insurance's number to check in-network providers. the woman on the phone used the same out-of-date website i had used the night before and said it was a no-go. i asked her for a paper copy of my benefits booklet to be mailed to me and she told me to call my insurance company.

my silence must have spoken for itself, as she then explained the SHE was simply a branch of claims services and had nothing to do with my actual insurance company. she couldn't even give me the number to call.

so i found the number and called myself. the woman said the same thing; the doctor is not in-network and that over 240 other ones are. i would need to choose one of those instead. fine. i can ask this guy for a recommendation. i don't like it, but fine.

then i asked her for a benefits booklet, with which she of course cannot provide me. because asking someone at my insurance company to print off a copy of their policies from their own computers that sit on their own desks defies logic. the logical place for ANOTHER COMPANY'S POLICIES is MY HR department, which doesn't have them yet, even though we've been with this company since july 1.

someday things like this will make sense. and that is the day i will need an intervention.

(by the way, our benefits booklet is available online, but the website doesn't work. it is plain-old just defunct. so i have no idea how much things cost, when my deductible applies, ect. it's all a coin-toss. SURPRISE!)


Miche said...

Thanks for the info on the Mr Gilly video-Little Dude will LOVE that! I will have to hunt it down!

Also, I hope things work out with your insurance! The way some companies are run just make you want to shake your head. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

this will sound absurd but try putting vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet (wear socks) when you go to bed. It may help with the coughing so you can get some sleep. Weird, I know, but it is said to work. Couldn't hurt.