Saturday, November 7, 2009

but that's what he said

Punkin had a glassy look in his eyes around 4pm, so I took his temperature. I have a forehead thermometer that drives me nutty. It read his temperature as everything from 97.4 to 104. My guess, based on experience, was that it was around 101.5. Very scientific.

I assumed it was his ears or his throat, which seemed to be bothering him. I called his pediatrician and the nurse told me that I needed to let him be sick for a few days and then call back. She said it was most likely viral and that if I gave him motrin and his ears or throat REALLY hurt, he would still be uncomfortable and let me know. I do not understand this logic.

So I waited and festered and called my mom and vented to her even though she is on a tropical paradise vacation.

And then I took him to urgent care. Because I figured it was his ears and I saw no reason for him to suffer all weekend and then have us both miss school on Monday when we could get antibiotics today and then be good to go by Sunday morning.

We got in right away because it was almost closing time and the doctor was ridiculously nice. I mean, finding stickers behind Punkin's ears nice. Cheesy nice. It was comical, and mostly lost on Punkin. I mean, he appreciated the personality and the effort, but the actual content of his words was lost.

Anyway, he started his sentence, "There's no ear infection, no throat infection, no nasal drainage..." and I thought it would end, "so you'll just have to wait it out." It never occurred to me that he would say, "So we have to assume that it's The Virus."

As in H1N1. And then he said something about medically fragile people and Punkin being young and his X being fragile and so he could get Tamiflu prescribed. And I felt really silly for never seriously considering that my son might have the flu.

On the way back from the pharmacy, he was shivering and I was just so thankful for that nice doctor and for the people who make Tamaflu and for God nudging me in my craziness to take him to urgent care.

I kept panicking all night, waking up in a start worrying about him since he refused to take any more advil. So I went and slept in his -- very comfy -- big bed with him.

It was a massive undertaking to get him to take that first dose of Tamiflu, but he's doing much better today. He still refuses to take any pain medication. I'm not pushing it as his fever is right around 99.5 (as best as my thermometer can tell me).

We're supposed to keep kids home an extra 24 hours after symptoms are gone, so we're definitely missing school on Monday anyway. But hopefully he'll be ready for Special Olympics Play Day on Tuesday. =) We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm trying not to be depressed about the fact that I'm supposed to be visiting Lion (who lives in NEW YORK CITY AS IN LIGHT YEARS AWAY FROM ME) today at our college (AS IN ONE HOUR AWAY). Good thing I never told Punkin we were going swimming....

Update: Punkin's fever spiked again. I have a feeling we'll be riding a rollercoaster for a while. He's eating, though.


roonstuff said...

I hope your little guy feels better soon! I'm glad you trusted your momma intuition and went to the doctor anyway. Have you ever thought about an ear thermometer? Would he sit there for it? As I recall they take less than 10 seconds.

the other lion said...

@roonstuff I did see one at Walgreens for $20, which is way cheap. I think I will pick it up. He used to never let me near his ears, which I why I got the forehead thing. But I think he's older and calmer now.

Kathy said...

Well, that sucks. Glad you trusted yourself and took him to the doctor. Give him a hug for me and let me know if you need something.
My grandma got her prayers answered last night and she went to heaven around 3:30 this morning. I'll be there Monday. When the heck are we going to have a normal day at work when we will all be there. :(

Vicki Davis said...

I hope you and pumpkin both feel your best soon.... its that time of year, I have had a low grade funk for about 2 weeks now, Holly too... Sigh, at least there have been no fevers, so we are riding it out. I am all for the ear Theometer, sometimes i have to hold holly down for it, other times she lets me do it, but I would rather know exactly then guess, so it is so worth it.

Jennie said...

So sorry that Punkin is sick, and that your coworker Kathy lost her grandma! Hope everyone feels comforted, cheered, and well soon.