Monday, November 2, 2009

easing the anxiety


I adapted a strategy from Punkin's teacher the other day to trick him into working on puzzles. The one he's working on here is easy for him, aside from getting the pieces themselves in at times. And I videotaped the end of our little session, so he's not quite as focused as he was at the beginning, but it gives you an idea of a different approach you can use with kids who have oppositional behavior, autism, no attention span, or anxiety. In Punkin's case, I think it works because it's more like play -- it takes the pressure off of him and focuses on something he likes, the bus, which he gets to HOLD IN HIS HAND THE WHOLE TIME.

Did I mention that puzzles are his LEAST favorite activity?

Did I mention that bus doesn't know the way to the potty? I tried that already.

His teacher's approach was to ask Punkin's Woody doll the answers to a series of test questions rather than asking Punkin himself. He earned 7 more points on the test than when he completed the test with her (without Woody) the day before! What a smart lady. Now, how do we word that in the IEP?????


Jennie said...

I dreamed last night that me and my mom were babysitting him. He wanted to wear two diapers, and I had to convince him that one is better. Then he did the *squat*, and we rushed him to the bathrooms with promises of endless candy. But no luck. He was adorable and wonderful. I woke up feeling like I'd just seen you both!

Kristiem10 said...

That's a really great idea! You are so smart.