Thursday, November 26, 2009

even when

1. I stood staring at Punkin's closet, "He really needs more long-sleeved shirts. This closet is packed with short-sleeves and shirts that are too small. Now, to pull money out of thin air: ready, set, GO! Didn't work AGAIN."

Two days later my mom brought over a bag of clothes from a woman at church.

2. Punkin's shoes were peed on months ago. I washed them, but they retained this odd musty smell no matter what I did. And then last week I put them on him and noticed the sole was literally pulling away from the rest of the shoe. My heart sunk; I didn't want him to wear bad shoes. Not even for a day.

And then I remembered that about a month earlier a coworker had sent some shoes -- brand new -- through school mail. I was sure they would be too big, but I grabbed them and headed out the door to school with him. Once there, we tried them on and sure enough they fit.

3. This past Friday, Punkin's respite worker forgot her purse at our apartment. She called and said she would just come by Saturday morning to pick it up. Well, by 1:00 Saturday her purse was still on my table, and I was annoyed, but the doorbell rang. It was not the respite worker, but a couple from my church with a Thanksgiving Basket. At first I thought, "Now what am I going to do with an 8lb turkey? Should I give it away?"

But I can cook it some other time. Just because it's Thanksgiving turkey doesn't mean I have to use on November 26th. And we can use the meat, veggies, and trimmings for various meals throughout a few weeks.

4. I was curious as to why my landlord hadn't sent me a contract renewal, and at one point it seemed like they thought I had signed a 2-year lease. I remembered signing a one year lease, but got busy with other things and never went and looked. It honestly wasn't a priority as long as they kept letting me live there! Well, I got the lease renewal (at least a month late) yesterday. And while I don't understand why they think they can get away with demanding that I return it to them by December 1,

they are not raising my rent.

Even when I stand and pray out loud in front of my son's closet, a prayer that is mostly just a bunch of ramblings to myself, God is listening. Even when I pray in silence, He listens. Even when I haven't asked yet, He knows what I need. He doesn't always answer the way I want Him to, or the way I think He will, but He listens.

I am thankful this Thanksgiving.


Kristiem10 said...

That gave me goosebumps. We do serve an awesome God.

Karen said...

loved your post.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

What a lovely post! Happy Thanksgiving!

Punkin's Oma said...

Love those Godincidences, and love that you are willing to share them.

Anonymous said...

I love when God does those little things in our lives. Love you! AP

SB said...

Cried reading that. So true.
We're blessed, even when we don't feel it, or know it.

KC's Mama said...

Hey I just wanted to say HI because I have been checking out your blog. I saw your page on Ken Lilly's blog and I got hooked because a lot of your son's behaviors sound a lot like what I go through with my son. My son does not have Fragile X or autism, but he does have many autistic behaviors, ocd behaviors, sensory issues and oppositional defiance behaviors. He has epilepsy and had Infantile Spasms when he was a baby. He is three now. I don't update my blog very often, but my Mom writes a caringbridge page about my son and I am also on facebook. The page is
and you can find my facebook under my

Take care,


Vicki Davis said...

This was a great post! I hope you are feeling better and enjoy your turkey once you have the stomach for it.