Sunday, November 22, 2009

i missed every single word of the sermon

Whoever found this blog by looking up, "lion doing other lion" . . . okay, GROSS. That's just yucky.

I need to remember that if a meltdown involves, in any way, Punkin destroying something, to get rid of that something before we return to the scene of the crime. For example, in church this morning, I let him rip up his children's bulletin and part of my bulletin before I had him clean up.

Later in the service, he asked for the rest of my bulletin and I said no. He then took it and started hiding his bus underneath it, which made a lot of that wrinkly paper noise and started to destroy it. Wrinkly paper noise during sermon = attention I do not need. So I took it away and told him to hide bus underneath the blanket.


I tried to calm him right there while he smacked me, and then things just got way too crazy and I had to remove him. I thought for sure he would relax right away once we left because I figured half of the reason for the meltdown was because of his repeated appeals to go home. NOPE.

Snot everywhere. Of all the ways my son chooses to act out and distract me from the task at hand, he has chosen snot rockets.

He asks for blanket. "No, you hit mommy." WHACK. He asks for bus. "No, you hit mommy." WHACK.

He finally calms down enough to ask me to clean up his face and we go back to the sanctuary to retrieve the blanket so he can relax. He relaxes in the hallway for a few minutes and then we return to our seats.

He sees the crinkled bulletin.

"I RUIN IT! I RUIN IT! NO BUS!" I am not exaggerating, the bus flew 80mph and only stopped because it hit a pew (thank goodness not flesh) with a resounding SMACK, and then we had to leave again to a chorus of, "I FROWED IT! NO MORE BUS! I RUIN IT!"

I showed him a new bulletin, after he finished pummelling my face, and explained that it was okay now. "Bus?"

"Ya, talk to me about that one later, buddy."


Jennie said...

The good news is that you did everything right, and I'm sure everyone understood.

Punkin's Oma said...

I think he acted out because I wasn't there and he missed me.