Monday, November 9, 2009

tamiflu is kicking butt and taking names

I'm afraid to write that we're on the upswing of this H1N1 thing, but today was fever-free. He still has that sad, glazed look about his eyes and a congested sound in his voice, but other than the time I had to clean up chocolatey projectile vomit off the refridgerator, he doesn't seem to have any glaring signs of illness.

In fact, he's acting a lot like a cat:

5:30am Climb in bed with mom

5:31am Get in her face to say hi

5:32am pretend you are going back to sleep

5:35am Ask for food

5:36am Ask for food

5:40am Demand entertainment

6:00am Scuttle off to retrieve a ball

6:01am Rest

6:10am Chase ball around living room

6:25am Climb on top of mom to look out window

6:30am Rest

6:40am Ask for food

7:00am Demand entertainment

You see where this is going, yes? I had to give him his ritalin to make him rest. I mean, it's probably best for him to have it every day anyway, but you'd think he wouldn't actually NEED it since he has The Virus of The Decade and all. The Tamiflu is working! And my child has a wacked-out sensory system.

I hope we're able to return to our normal lives soon for many reasons, the biggest being that while I have well over a month of paid sick leave available to me, I am unable to use it when my child is ill. The other reason? My butt is conforming to the shape of the couch. Or maybe it's the couch that's taking on the shape of my butt. Either way, things are flattening out and it ain't pretty.

Update: 11/10 I just gave him 1/2 a melatonin and sent him to bed. He's pretty lethargic. I swear he has a fever, but the thermometer says he doesn't. I hope I don't regret him napping. I'm going to regret him napping, aren't I?

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Sarah said...

I thought it was federal law that you can use your sick leave to care for a sick dependent. But maybe it's just state law? Anyway, I hope Punkin is all better soon.