Thursday, December 17, 2009

because i have to pick my battles

This photo was taken the day Opa taught Punkin how to throw snowballs. So if you get hit, don't blame me. To be fair, though, he let us take turns as well. Now, Punkin's ability to throw a ball is limited. But put a pair of mittens on him and stick him in half a foot of snow wearing two feet of padding and we've got a serious problem. So he takes the snowball with two hands and twists his entire body as if he's throwing shotput at the Olympics and somehow HITS MY FATHER.

Miracles do happen.

I buy Punkin a hat every year, and every year he decides to wear one of the knit hats in his classroom instead. His teacher is nice enough to let us take them back and forth between school and home. There's two of them this year; the one in the photo above and another one. Opa picked him up from school one day; when I called him later he told me that he was surprised that Punkin insisted on keeping his hat on in the truck. "Was it that really awful pastel blue and yellow one with the ball on top?"
"YES! Oh my gosh. I wasn't gonna say anything. Why do you let him wear that?"


Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the two of you!
Love you, AP

Karen said...

lovely, lovely picture!

Anonymous said... "punkin's" teacher I must say that we could have the coolest, best looking hats in the world in my classroom and "punkin" would still choose these hats! :)...not that we do have the coolest, best looking hats or anything...just saying! By the way, that pic. looks like a Christmas card- such a great picture!

Sarah said...

What a great picture! You both look full of seasonal cheer!