Thursday, December 3, 2009

if ever friday needed to come

So we had a good day at home Wednesday. Punkin filled up on fluids and even ate some crackers. He was in a great mood and by bedtime I felt confident that he'd be himself in the morning.

Until I gave him his bedtime medicine and he puked all over his bed. So that was nice. The sheer volume was impressive, really, so I think he should get points for that, but it undid all the good of the day.

So of course we stayed home today. And of course because he barfed up all of his melatonin, he didn't sleep past 4am. So at 4am, I'm trying to convince him that it's still "night-night time" and he's all "JUICE! POPCORN! JUICE! CRACKERS! SCROOGE!"

Did I mention I found Duck Tales DVDs through Oma's Disney Movie Club? Did I mention I don't know how much I like Duck Tales anymore? Anyway, he calls it Scrooge. SCOOGE!

Eventually the day officially began and it was fairly uneventful until we had to venture out for MY doctor's appointment. My left ear has been bugging me and my neurologist had some blood work done that she wanted me to go over with my regular doctor.

Well, my left ear is full of wax per usual and I refused to allow the nurses to clean it out because they suck at it, so now I don't know if it's infected or not. She gave me a prescription for my constant runny nose and orders to have the bloodwork redone in January. Basically I am deficient in Vitamin D and my white blood cell count is low, which is probably because I've been sick since the end of September.

Anyway, on to the interesting part. After spending an hour of my time WITH PUNKIN IN TOW and a $15 copay to learn nothing, I went out to my car and it didn't start. Lovely. Oma came and rescued me and we tried to come up with a plan, during which time I did a pretty terrible job reigning in the crabby. Eventually I went home and waited for Opa to call.

Once Opa came, we headed out and jumped my car. Opa and Punkin drove away in the truck. My car died before I hit reverse. Eventually Opa realized I wasn't behind him and he came back and jumped the car again. This time he followed me back to his house. On the way, we drove through one of the busiest intersections in the city -- where five streets come together.

Yep, you guessed it. I'm in the turn lane and the car dies. And stupid, panicky me PUTS THE CAR IN PARK. Who puts the car in park? So I get Opa's attention and he pulls some crazy MacGuiver move and suddenly his giant truck is facing me and he's jumping my car for the third time. And then it dies. So he jumps it again, whips around, and I make a break for it. The lady next to me is swearing, even though she saw the whole scene go down, and then cuts in front of me on the right. CUTS IN FRONT OF ME ON THE RIGHT.

Some people are jerks.

Those people are not my parents, though. Thanks for saving my butt, for fixing the "WAGON!!! " (which Punkin is currently sleeping with) and for not swearing at me when I put the car in park.


Jennie said...

Oh, Baby. It will get better. And Oma and Opa are awesome!!

Karen said...

you are an amazingly patient woman. Carma Karma will come to that woman - once you've stalled at a busy intersection, you'll never get angry again at someone else doing it.

Sarah said...

I hope things have gotten better over the weekend!

Holly's Mom said...

Wow! What a few weeks you have been having. Glad the car is fixed. I was deficient in Vitamin D on my last blood work and the Doc had to give me these 5000 MG 1 Time a WEEK pills for like 2 months to get me back up to where I should be. Sorry to hear about your ear... too bad they couldn't clean it for you so you know what is going on in there. I just went to the Doctor this week with Holly in tow, not fun. But the nurses and Doc were all so happy to see her, last time I took her she was like 8 months old and stroller bound. Anyways, I am glad that you got rid of the mouse.