Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the one where you get to read about poop

Well, Friday came but I can't say it was much better than the rest of the week. We attempted school, but Punkin's diaper exploded and we were promptly sent packing. We were spared any vomiting that night, but he puked Saturday right after he fell asleep. I would like to go into detail about how the vomit cascaded down the foot of his bed into a basket of balls and a toy house and finally oozed between the frame and the chest of drawers underneath, but who wants to read about that chunky mess? I mean, really?

Anyway, I called the doctor on call and we talked for a long time. He asked me numerous times whether or not Punkin had any stomach pain, and I wanted very much to tell him that asking me that was like asking me to tell him whether or not dogs really DO have an emergency barking system like in 101 Dalmations to alert each other to impending doom and call for aid.

In the end we decided that because his only real symptom was vomiting at night (the yucky diapers could be from a steady diet of crackers and popsicles and were followed by days of normal poos) to double his dose of Prevacid to twice a day. It seems to have done the trick, although Medicaid may have a fit when we run out of medication weeks earlier than we were supposed to. So that's that.

Now on to what I really need to share with you. If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that I have a visitor. You may also know that while Punkin has been sick I decided to join FarmVille on Facebook; this is highly addicting and only good for those who have lots of time to waste or trouble sleeping at night.

Anyway, here is my status update from yesterday: It's a sad day when I don't know whether I'm more upset about losing 3 FarmVille gifts or discovering that a mouse ate the edges of one of my Pampered Chef Mix 'n Scrapers. It was an old aqua one -- if it was cranberry, this would be war, mouse, WAR. Regardless, I hope you get out of my apartment and die a slow, silicone death.

So, just for future reference, you can bake a Pampered Chef Scraper in the oven, you can leave it in a pot of stir-fry, you can microwave it, and it is dishwasher safe, but it is definitely not mouse-proof. Just an FYI.

I inspected the cabinets, I cleaned the mouse poop, I put all open food in containers unless it looked contaminated (in which case it was tossed); I was fine. And then I heard it. And I was not fine. A fairly hilarious phone conversation with Oma ensued wherein I told her that I was totally ready to set the traps all by myself once I put on my gloves and boots. (Yes, gloves and boots to set a trap in the kitchen. You read that correctly.) Except I never got off the couch. In the end I almost made Opa come over despite near blizzard conditions and the fact that I live on a hill. But then I remembered

The Magical Maintenance Man Downstairs.

"You wanna help me catch a mouse?" *Sparkling smile.*
"Is he just running circles up there?" Jerk. =)
"He's in my cabinet. I can hear him."
He smiles. "I'll go get a trap."
He even offered to dispose of the body once it was caught.

After hearing a lot of tinkling and rustling in the cabinets, I retreated to my bedroom. Oma texted me, Are you going to be able to sleep? I responded, There's no food in the bedroom. He's after the food.

The logic made me feel better, anyway. This morning I've heard plenty of noise from the kitchen and I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go get The Magical Maintenance Man Downstairs to just grab the mouse in the act. But then there was silence, and about an hour later the Man came to check the trap and found a very dead mouse.

PHEW! Disaster over.

"I'll just put another trap out in case there's more."



Punkin's Oma said...

Now get the soap and water out and SCRUB every cabinet and drawer.

PS Opa was very glad the Magical Maintenance Man was there.

d. said...

The good news is, you can't have mice and rats in the same building. So it could be worse!

When we had mice in our old apartment, I just put up "No Parking" signs so they'd have nowhere to put their motorcycles.

Anonymous said...

one part bleach and 10 parts water mixture..and then soap. this is your germaphobic aunt speaking.

Karen said...

yeah, if there's one, there's more, so set the traps again. Traps, plural. I got over feeling sorry for them after finding cached dog food in bureau drawers. And holes in my favorite shirt.

Jennie said...

I def. feel your pain on the mouse issue. But I'm glad to hear that there are no rats!!! I get some cakes at Meijer that they love - they look like birdseed cakes. I put them wherever Radar can't go. Maybe you could do that too? Like in the waaaay backs of your cupboards? Anyway, enough rambling. LOVE YOU!!!!

Kristiem10 said...

"I wanted very much to tell him that asking me that was like asking me to tell him whether or not dogs really DO have an emergency barking system like in 101 Dalmations to alert each other to impending doom and call for aid."

Can I just say that I love you?! Hilarious.