Monday, December 14, 2009

those little beady eyes

For my Facebook friends, I'm sorry you've had to hear about this mouse thing so much; it's just my way of coping. For those of you who don't know, I SAW MOUSE NUMBER FOUR SCURRY INTO MY LIVING ROOM on Saturday morning. Not the best way to perk up at 6:30 a.m. And you read that correctly, mouse #4 -- that means there were three that passed before it. Fortunately, they all met a sudden death in The Jaw (trap).

I received a number of suggestions ranging from sticky traps (which I will not do after seeing a mouse free himself from one minus a leg), adopting a cat, and watching Ratatouille in hopes of coming home to a gourmet meal.

As of now, #4 is still living it up over here in my apartment in the woods. And what's worse? I opened my closet Sunday night and a mouse scurried across the floor. (My bedroom closet, people. Remember, the place I assured Oma they wouldn't go; I slept in Punkin's bed that night, which is super comfy, by the way.) Then, tonight, I walked into the kitchen to find more mousetraps to mount my full-scale attack when a mouse RAN PAST MY FEET MY FEET MY FEET.

I may have screamed like a girl and stood on the ottoman for a solid five minutes before working up the courage to find my cell phone and text message my parents. Maybe. And at this point I don't know if I've seen #4 three times or if I've seen #4 and his 2 friends. GROSS. So Opa came over and set three more traps for me and


I'm back. It was an old wooden trap. He was barely hanging on there, but definitely dead. I made a quick call to celebrate with Opa and another to my sister to help walk me through the disposal process, which consisted mostly of me wandering around the apartment, mumbling to myself while I looked for my mittens, boots, and some plastic bags. I finally grabbed a set of tongs, tossed the whole deal in a bag, and ran it out to the dumpster.

"Can't you reuse those traps?"
"Are YOU gonna come dig mouse out of a trap?"
"Well, do you have more traps set?"
"Okay, then."
This, from the girl who asks her neighbors to come kill spiders for her.
"That was simultaneously the grossest/coolest thing I've ever done."


Punkin's Oma said...

Hopefully there will not be a #5. And congrats for tossing the mouse. I could not, nor would have, done that. I'm sitting here stomach churning trying not to think about it. Ew ick shaking arms and head. so gross.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your mom. I would still be standing on the chair. ICKY!!!! AP

Jennie said...

Ew ewewewewewewweweewwwww!!! You are a brave, brave girl. I would have needed at least two plastic bags. Maybe three or four.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you adequately described how you were wearing mittens with plastic bags OVER the mittens and also using tongs to grab said mouse trap.....and spiders are way worse than dead mice...twice as many legs.

KC's Mama said...

Yuck!! We had mice for a while. We have a little dog so he would catch them and we'd have to get the damn thing from him. Well, I use the term "we" loosely lol. My Mom had to catch him and get the mouse outside.

Roby and Kari Smith said...

Spray a mouse with hairspray and his whiskers stick to their body. He will stop moving and are very easy to catch!

Caren said...

I borrowed a neighbor's cat for a few hours and that seemed to do the trick!! Easier than a full-fledged adoption:)