Saturday, February 28, 2009


To the delightful young man who so fervently knocked on my door at 3:47am,

Maybe if you stop smoking the sweet, sweet Mary Jane, the numbers on the doors will be more clear, and as a result you will be able to read them. Also, YOU WOKE ME UP.

The lady who is not married to Joey.

(Okay, it might be a little passive aggressive....)

Friday, February 27, 2009

i am SO over this phase

Text message convo with Oma:

Oma: Do you have a Friday's buy one get one coupon?
Lion: Yes.
Oma: We are going there.
Lion: K. 5:45 is the earliest. Poop monster struck again.
Oma: Ooh, ick.
Lion: Decided to wipe with Ducky, apparently.
Oma: Ooohhh, will he be clean in time?
Lion: I think. Thank goodness I had extra quarters.
Oma: I found a coupon.
Lion: For a magical potty-training fairy?
Oma: Hahaha.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

music therapy

well, i thought the fever was gone. and now it's not. at about 11pm last night, it reached about 103, and then at 8am it was 99. now it's 100.2. so we have to stay home again. blech.

BUT, the real reason for this post is to celebrate the fact that i got a letter saying that punkin qualifies for music therapy, which is provided by both the local area education agency and a local music store. he is going to have one 15 minute group session every week at his school.

her report was so funny. they determine whether or not a child qualifies by observing them while keeping in mind the child's IEP goals and then by working with them in a couple of therapy sessions. then they decide whether or not the therapy assisted the child in reaching his IEP goals. anyway, the therapist was looking at punkin's social skills and she came on three separate days.

the first day she just observed. he attempted to interact with peers one time -- by tackling another child. during the next two therapy sessions, though, he interacted 7 and 10 times by waving hello, shaking hands, and sharing musical instruments. obviously this is a clear improvement!

the cool thing (from my perspective) about IEP rules in our district is that everything has to be measurable, or graphable, and supported by antecdotal notes. so teachers are required to say more than, "his skills are improving." they have to say, "he's performing this task 8 out of 10 times, given the opportunity at least 10 times per week." for teachers this creates a lot more work since they are required to graph every week, but for parents it gives us a clearer picture of our kid's progress and ensures the teachers are held accountable. now, i don't worry about such things because my son's team is amazing, but some day it may not be that way -- i may need more convincing in kindergarten and beyond (and BEYOND!)

in completely different news. i really need my acid reflux meds refilled. pain. in. tummy. ugh.

maybe tomorrow punkin will eat something?


his fever continued to climb yesterday, but the doctor said it's probably a virus. his EARS and lungs are clear! the temp spiked to almost 103 during the night, but is gone now. he's still all snotty -- my friend calls it the glazed donut look -- but otherwise happy.

have you joined the new fragile x community?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

well, it finally hit him. he woke up screaming at 3:00am with a 101 temp. for a minute i thought i might have to take him to the ER because he seemed like he was struggling to breathe, but i think he was mostly upset. once he calmed down he was okay. i watched him sleep for a good 30 minutes, and i gotta say he may have some sleep apnea issues. i'm going to have to watch him on a good night sometime.

of course he got sick on an important day at work -- we have a specialist coming and a new student with behavior issues starting. it just always works out that way, doesn't it?

i did force some motrin in him, so he's sleeping next to me now. hopefully we can get in to see his primary doctor and not someone else.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

not much to say. punkin definitely doesn't feel the best, and it seems pretty clear that he isn't hearing well. i think after our visit to the ENT this coming monday, i'm going to ask for a referral to our university hospital. he also has a cough and hasn't eaten dinner in six days. he's eating his other meals, but refuses to eat dinner. even hot dogs! he's tired, but not sleeping well. he wakes up at 3:30 am and then is in and out of sleep the rest of the morning.

i got a bill from the local hospital and at first i thought it was a mistake because it said the date of service was november 2nd and i sure haven't been to the ER lately. but then i saw the year -- 2007! and sure enough, on 11/2/07, i went to the ER with severe muscle pain and this weird thing in my muscles that wasn't really a cramp but definitely wasn't normal. tightness, i guess, is the best word to describe it. (sorry if this is a bit repetitive for some of you.)

i had been taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection and my doctor had doubled my dose of anti-depressant. i started getting the pain and a slightly feverish and tired feeling. i thought it was just the infection. then a few days later i fainted, hit my head, and was knocked unconscious for a few minutes during the very early morning hours. during the next few days it got worse and i had trouble walking, driving, and doing things like using a can opener.

my doctor told me to stop taking the antibiotic.

oma and i finally decided that i needed to go to the ER -- the final straw was when my tounge felt two sizes too big for my mouth. so at the ER i told everyone about my anti-depressant meds change and oma made me tell them how i fainted. so then i had a million vials of blood drawn and a CAT scan. they decided i had a virus.

that night and the following night i didn't take my anti-depressants and i started to feel much better. so i took another dose. and i couldn't walk again. so i called the pharmacist, upon oma's advice. he quickly assured me that i wasn't going crazy, but instead -- shocker -- my dosage of anti-depressants was too high.

anyway, i never got a bill. until yesterday. $500. SRSLY. for a doctor who couldn't even tell me what was wrong. never mind that they have a psychiatric ward just up the stairs at this hospital. and i can only assume they have a pharmacist. so when he "went to check on the side effects," who exactly was he asking? webmd? SRSLY.

i went through this a second time with a different, but similar anti-depressant and antibiotic combo, and at the FX conference in july i learned that it was because my norepinephrine levels were too high and the antibiotic changed my metabolism, increasing the effect.


now i am afraid to take an antibiotic again, even though i'm on a different kind of med.

i guess i did have a lot to say.

pray for punkin. i'm worried about the little guy. =(

in happier news, i am getting new living room furniture! well, new to me. eek!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

for gwendolyn at

e-mail meme

Where is your cell phone? End table.
Your significant other? You tell me where he is! =) (Punkin's on my lap, though.)
Your mother? 2.3 miles away.
Your favorite thing? Punkin. And a warm blanket and good TV and cuddling.
Your dream last night? My friend couldn't deliver her baby, so I carried it for the last few months and went through labor for her. I know, weird, right? But is it weirder than the time I dreamt my cousin K needed a brain transplant, so I gave her half of mine. Then we'd both at least have half, which was fine except that I had trouble walking because my head felt lopsided.
Your favorite drink? Mountain Dew
Your dream/goal? Financial stability -- not wealth, just comfort.
What room are you in? Family room.
Your hobby? Eating out. And writing, obviously.
Your fear? I don't know if I'm more scared of losing Punkin or me dying and leaving him unprotected.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Lately I've been thinking I'd like to be in a relationship, but really as long as I have my family and my faith I know I will be happy.
Where were you last night? Applebees and then at a friend's. (HIMYM -- this is SO going in my blog!)
Something that you aren't? A mathematician.
Wish list item? New living room furniture.
Last thing you did? Texted my friend.
What are you wearing? Shorts and a tank top.
Your pets? None -- I would only get one if it was really important to my significant other. I've recently discovered that I'm allergic to certain dogs, and cats are nice, but finicky. You never know what kind of cat you're going to get.
Friends? I miss them.
Life? Is good.
Your mood? Content. Feeling surprisingly social even though I am sleepy.
Missing someone? College friends.
Your car? Toyota Camry.
Something you're not wearing? Pants (ha!) -- it's cause I'm wearing shorts, weirdo!
Your favorite store? grocery
Your favorite color? Pink
When is the last time you cried? don't remember
Who will do this? YOU!
Where do you go to over and over? Work.
My favorite place to eat? Anyplace where I'm being served.
Favorite place you would like to be right now? With my sister.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

notes on the day

i am grateful for free olive garden for lunch tomorrow, courtesy of someone in the school district.

i am not grateful for waiting two hours to see a doctor for two minutes (literally) -- a doctor who tells me BAD news! punkin's right ear is still not functioning properly. there's a blockage of some sort. i have to give him ear drops for the next week and a half, after which i will have the pleasure of returning for another extended stay in the waiting room.

i am amazed that punkin's only real protest against the wait was at the one hour, 45 minute mark when he grabbed his coat and said, "kay, bye!" and then later grabbed it again, "car." gotta love me a fish tank; he stood and watched that thing for a good thirty minutes.

it was admittedly quite funny when i tripped over my own feet today on two separate occassions. the best time, though, no other adult was there to see it! and it was awesome because i was carrying a child and a) i managed not to fall on top of her b) no part of her hit the floor and c) i didn't injure my back. i am SO matrix-style in my landing/carrying children abilities.

i feel super guilty when i have a headache and my patience with punkin is thin. i then realize it's the doctor's fault, take two ibuprofen, drink a mountain dew, and try to relax.

remember when i mentioned that i needed a camcorder? apparently my aunt kim agreed with me -- so she sent me this! eee!!!!!! thanks! i wanted to post a funny video, but punkin refused to do anything cute. he just wanted to be left alone, while simultaneously clinging to me of course.

i learned today that one (punkin) can projectile poop. who knew? not me. i have witnessed projectile vomit, but never anything out the other end. i'm changing his already poopy diaper today when, SPLURT, out of nowhere, there's poop on my shower curtain. he was standing.

my dad really doesn't like the lower-case letters. he claims capital letters serve some sort of vital purpose with punctuation and reading cues or something. i don't know, the guy's crazy.

seriously, it was two minutes. we arrived at 1:10 for a 1:15 appointment. we were called back to the room at 3:55. we were driving away from the building at 4:05.

also, i am wearing my new slippers (lambie slippers!) from sarah. thanks, lady!!
I went to bed with a scratchy throat and woke up with a stuffy nose. Roar. I promise I will write more later. I don't mean to be neglectful!

I was trying to get Punkin to answer, "Who is on TV?" and prompting him to answer "Handy Manny." Instead he said "DAT." ? I look up, "OH! PAT the hammer -- he was the one on the screen. Some people's kids are so literal.

He yelled "MOM!" so I went looking. He was in my bedroom, sitting on my bed with a bucket of toys watching the aforementioned Handy Manny.
"What, honey?"
"Go. Door. Close."
I start to close the door.

Now he called me to the room again to let me know he needed help picking up all the toys that he threw on the floor. Not so much going to happen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

talky talky

Punkin is crazy. He's watching Madagascar 2, again (!), and I'm 95% sure he's acting it out. He jumped off the couch, into the middle of the room, raised his arms, and yelled, "ya YION! (the lion)." I'm also pretty sure he said "New York" a couple of times this morning. Now he's climbing in and out of a laundry basket while speaking his own language -- quite rapidly -- to his two Woody dolls inside. Every 2 minutes or so he yells, "OOooohhh!" and the basket tips over. I really need to get a video camera for this stuff.


Yesterday at nap time, his teacher touched his bare skin and he said, "Oooh! Cold hands!" and at recess he asked another boy, "Want to run?" and they did! His teacher has been modeling the phrase, "Want to play?" so he not only used it, but applied it to a situation outside of the classroom and appropriately inserted "run" instead of "play."

Update: He JUST stood on the couch and yelled, "Ting da YEW YORK!" (The King of New York!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I don't why, but I just don't feel like writing. Everything's okay, so no worries. I met with Punkin's speech pathologist and occupational therapist today. They're starting the deep pressure brushing at school soon, and his speech path is using the z-vibe that Oma bought for him a long time ago. It's been sitting in his backpack for a million years, so i'm happy it's finally getting some use. Also, he has let me read books to him the last two nights before bed. He's either given up on fighting me or something with his hearing influenced his behavior. He even "read along" tonight with a Where's Spot? book!

Night! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


All seems to be well. There really wasn't much fluid build-up like they thought, but his eardrum was curved in, which was likely causing the hearing loss and probably would have eventually caused other issues. I was extremely relieved that they brought me back before he woke up. The only bummer is that we'll have to go back out again sometime to pick up his eardrops. (Of course, we do have an Oma and an Opa....) Right now he's watching Ratatouille and asking for pizza -- I think he means hash browns from McDonalds.

Monday, February 9, 2009

ugh. here we go again. third set of tubes. please pray for punkin's safety and peace of mind! i think i am most scared of him being scared!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

good day

the children's museum has a bob the builder exhibit. with a life-size bob. and trucks that look exactly like the cartoons. with big steering wheels. i decided to bite the bullet and buy a membership. also, i saw another FX mom there that i've hung out with before. i asked her about our neurologist because her boys see her, too, and i had received a $500 bill a few weeks ago. she said that the neurologist is an iowa medicaid provider but the hospital, being in illinois, is not. so they repeatedly mess up and send bills to people they shouldn't. so that made me feel a lot better. hopefully it gets cleared-up either way soon. he was so tired from running everywhere today that he insisted on going to bed at 6:30 and cried through his bath -- during which his arms never left my neck.

this is SO going in my blog, or, recounting friday night

Some people can blend in. Some people can't. Some people decide that the room with the band is too loud so they sit in the adjacent room, except that the adjacent room isn't properly equipped for 7 adults. So two people suppress giggles as they pick up a table from the room with the band, where only 3 people have actually chosen to sit, and carry it away as the band members laugh. Such a situation would cause some people to blush, especially as they squeeze the stolen table and an existing table together in a place they don't really fit. Finally everyone is settled. Except that some people forget to ask if another couple is coming, which makes 9 adults instead of 7. The crazy, smooshed-together tables will not work. The entire party must admit defeat, hang their heads, and carry the stolen table back into the band room. The LOUD band room. They yell things like, "HOW'S IT GOING DOWN THERE?" and "DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD ORDER ONION RINGS?" and "WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU. IT'S A LITTLE LOUD IN HERE." The band pauses for a moment, after the drinks have begun flowing, and asks someone's mother, "Is it too loud?" to which she, of course, declares, "YES!" Amazingly, the volume is not turned down. But after this exchange everyone loosens up -- thanks again to the booze and the ability to take a deep breath because it's Friday -- and starts yelling actual conversations. Some people might even start to yell in an exaggerated fashion, which could be blamed on someone's mother also yelling in a similar manner, or on the whiskey sours. Someone's mother may also decide to knock on the window behind the band on her way out. When they turn around to smile and wave at her, she may do a little dance. Some people's kids bring them uneccessary attention. Some people can handle that on their own.

Friday, February 6, 2009

like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know why the ring that cost punkin's dad (and therefore me) $900 will be selling in the "estate" jewelry case at a local store for $99.

(the store is not ripping me off, punkin's dad did. not sure how, but he did. and i don't care that the ring is cheap or fake or whatever -- it's that he lied and he planned to take advantage of me the entire time. i could care less about real or fake, it's the principle.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

new favorite snack is carrots dipped in french dressing (NOT the orange kind)

number of mountain dews consumed today is one (this is monumentally low, btw)

i am currently watching the daily show

i am hopeful because i took my engagement ring to a jewelry store today. they said they'll look at it and see if it's worth selling. if it is, i get half. i'm expecting half to be about $50-100. if you missed the story about the ring, it was a fake. and i ended up paying for it -- seriously. i bought my own fake pink sapphire engagement ring. i'm not bitter; i'm cleaning house.

i am frustrated because i want to also unload my wedding dress. not many places like to take dresses. craigslist is next.

i filed my taxes. HOO-ray. being a low-income mom with a kid means i like tax time. this makes me feel a little guilty, but not enough to refuse the money.

we really need red chewy tubes.

i started DPPT with these. punkin loves it, though it takes him a while to stop wiggling.

i am currently watching HGTV.

my all-time favorite snack is cake. (funfetti anyone?)

the second-best part of the day is right after punkin's bath when he clings to me for snuggles. the third best is when he stands in the hallyway and chimes "ready? tickle?" and waits for me to throw him on the bed and nom his face with kisses. the best part is picking him up from school. i miss him bad by that time of the day.

i am currently watching the inside of my eyelids.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

if he has moderate hearing loss, why is that he can hear me getting m&ms out of the candy dish every time?

kodak moment

but i don't have a functioning camera, so no picture. i gotta call those people ... why can't i e-mail? maybe i can bribe someone to call for me... oma?

anyway, i'm sitting on the couch this morning with my favorite blue blanket, and punkin climbs up next to me. of course there is not enough room for the both of us, and he eventually slides to the floor -- taking my blanket with him. i'm absorbed with some sort of online stupidity and don't notice as he scampers off to retrieve two pillows and his ducky. he lays out the pillows side by side on the floor, just like mom does, and spreads out the blanket for us to share -- just like mom does -- and quietly waits for me to join him.

i love my life.