Sunday, September 27, 2009

say "toy boat" ten times fast


Can you watch that and NOT want to run out to the store and buy him a new boat? I think not. And I know that he broke it himself. On purpose.

Edited to add: It just occurred to me that you might be wondering why I would possibly videotape my son sobbing over a broken toy. It's because he perseverated on it for about 30 minutes, off and on, before I decided to share it with you, dear Internets. Just a little snippet of my day. =)

To cheer you up:

Friday, September 25, 2009

makes me laugh every day

Punkin had a poopy diaper. I cleaned him up and told him to put on a new pull-up. He balked. BALKED. And then calmly picked up his comb, looked at me, plopped it in the toilet, looked at me again, and flushed. When I didn't react, he lost it again. As he stood over the potty going, "Oh no!" I slipped all other items out of his reach. He caved when he heard Spongebob (the one where he and patrick become parents to a baby scallop) in the living room. Clearly I have been dressing him too much and I need to insist he be more independent.

Also, he's figured out how to open the sliding door out to the balcony. Last night he picked up a rather heavy hanging plant and tossed it over the railing. Note to self: put a stick in the door to block it from opening. Also, buy a heavier pot and a new comb.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

how does your child's anxiety manifest itself?

Punkin's anxiety tends to present itself as ADHD and autism symptoms. So for the past four days he's been unable to sit in a chair, even to eat NOONULS (Hamburger Helper) and is dissolving into fits of tears and rage when the wind blows. In other words, he is hitting himself a lot and falling out of his chair frequently. The fake (and real) crying doesn't help the migraine situation, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of fake crying, in a few respects, he is just reaching that 2-year-old level of development in certain areas. Most notably, he comes to me with his owies looking for sympathy and physical care. Oftentimes he causes these "injuries" himself by kicking me. He kicks me and then holds out his foot, "Wook! Mom! Wook! Oww! Oh no! Ah hurt ah me!"

This is not to say that his ADHD and autism and sensory disorder symptoms aren't real otherwise, it's just that they are amplified during times of stress -- amplified and much more difficult to manage.

But I started this post on Wednesday and now it's Thursday and things are much better. We were even able to go get his hair cut tonight after we went out for a "burder." He insisted on giving all of the workers a high-five on his way out. =)

Since we lost Ducky he's latched on to a few new things, one of which was the pink blanket. Now he likes the blue blanket because, I think, it reminds him of a former classmate's blanket that he liked. He liked the blanket, not the classmate, as the classmate rarely attended school. Anyway, he now has a new lovey of sorts.

Before the wedding, Lion e-mailed to ask if I could pick up some postcards for her. I figured it would be a quick and easy task. I tried a local restaurant; they had photographs of farm animals and machinery in 5x7s. I tried the airport (I flew out of a different airport) because it is small and never busy and very easy to get in and out of and I knew it had lots of choices; it was closed at 6:30pm on a Tuesday night. It had been open at 5am on a Saturday two weeks prior, but closed at dinner time on a week night. OK. I call a friend to lament. Punkin is asking for Oma and Opa as he is convinced this crazy car trip will somehow end in SOMETHING fun. My friend suggests The World's Largest Truckstop. DUH.

So I head out there and I go up to the counter (there are like 12).
"Do you have postcards?"
"We have these."
"Just these four?" Just this one with the semi and the one with the computerized version of the outside of this building and the two other decent ones? Seriously? "Punkin! PUnkin! PUNKIN!"

I Found him with a little yellow school bus and never let it go. And that's when I decided to let him keep it because I had to go ask two more people for more postcards because I needed MORE OPTIONS and this truck stop has EVERYTHING and there is NO WAY they just have FOUR postcards. NO WAY. And sure enough, they had an entire aisle of them -- and it was the second person who finally directed me to that aisle. And we had been out searching for postcards for going on two hours and it was getting a bit ridiculous for him at this point and I felt BAD.

I also felt bad for me when he pooped in the car.

And, of course, he did not sleep when we got home.

He wanted to sleep with the bus, so I let him. Then he was banging the bus on the wall, so I took it. "BUS! MY BUS! I FROWED IT! DA BUS! I FROWED IT" He proceeded to stay up 'til 11pm, even with 4mg of melatonin. He was jumping on my bed when I finally picked him up and plopped him back in his bed and sternly said, "It. Is. NIGH. NIGHT."
"No bus."

This was the night before I left, and the bus sat in the bathroom until I got back Sunday night when I placed it in bed with him. When he saw it Monday morning, his eyes lit up and he's slept with it every night since. I'm sure my neighbors love it when he throws it down the stairs at 6:30 every morning.

He basically treats Bus like he treated Ducky, but Bus isn't as soft and cuddly as Ducky. It's a harder sell for me. Still cute, though, when he puts him to sleep and gives him kisses. My heart broke a little bit yesterday when we were in the car and he dropped Bus and put his hands up to his face and yelled, "Bus? Bus? Where yar you? Bus? Ducky? Where -- Bus -- Where yar you?"

Monday, September 21, 2009

who changed my home page while i was gone? and, my kid is the one in the shopping cart screaming his head off

My trip to Lion's wedding was amazing; the adjustment back to reality has been tumultuous.

I left on Wednesday morning via a shuttle to Chicago (I hate driving) with a delightful migraine that stayed with me until I broke down and had a beer sometime around 1pm. My flight was uneventful and I love Southwest except that there are no assigned seats which means that there are two groups of people: those who sit in the isle or window seats and those who have no idea where to sit because it isn't written in Times New Roman for them. Boarding took forever and nobody wanted to sit in the middle even though those were the only seats left. SIT DOWN PEOPLE. Staring at the isle seat will not make it vacant. *Sigh*

Friends picked me up at the airport and we checked into The Kitty Litter Motel (aka: The Howard Johnson which I thought would be fine and not ghetto but which was, in fact, completely awkward with a tiny separate building for an office across the parking lot from all of the rooms so that in order to get to the free breakfast that we never woke up in time for you would not only have to put on shoes but walk the expanse of the hotel and a good portion of blacktop that ran alongside the broken-down pool). We made a mental note to pick up some Febreeze and rushed back out to the car to drive to Lion's mom and stepdad's house for bridesmaid duties, which included tying ribbons on bags of peanuts, putting bookmarks in books, and making bags of birdseed for guests to toss.

We then rallied our mad skills with some of the groom's friends to help Lion's mom and stepdad's trivia team win the game and some t-shirts. I proudly wore mine for about 5 minutes until I realized it was on backwards. Oops.

Thursday was total girly-girl day. I had my first yoga class, a much-needed pedicure, and more than a few glasses of wine.

On Friday we all pitched in to make the flower arrangements for the centerpieces before heading to the rehearsal.

And Saturday was a whirlwind of friends and photos and dancing. I hope (and I think) Lion and her husband (!!) felt as much love as I did surrounding them.

A few photos (I have photos, 179 of them, because Lion's mom is the sweetest woman ever and gave me her old camera -- thank you!!):

My nail color, which made me laugh because Tuesday night Punkin was jumping on my bed at 10:30pm even after 4 melatonin -- the kid KNEW I was leaving. He KNEW and he was gonna party 'til sunrise with his momma.

The groom and his men made this photo booth, which I found to be pretty sweet. The wallpaper is amazing, right?

All of the bridemaids got to pick our own dresses -- anything we wanted. I don't have a photo of us all together, but I saw one and it looked really nice.

The bouquets were made by a florist, but the centerpieces we did ourselves. Lion collected tins and vases throughout her engagement and we just filled them with poppies and roses.
It was a perfect outdoor farm wedding and I came home feeling pretty relaxed, although the shuttle ride home from the airport was longer than it needed to be.
But Punkin is slowly losing his mind, and Monday at 4:45pm we were Those People at the grocery store. You know, the mom who is practically ignoring her screaming child as he sits in the large basket part of the cart, surrounded by canned fruit, as she picks out Lean Cuisines. He hit a hunger wall, an attention wall, and an I need to be back in a boring routine wall somewhere in dairy when he began throwing things out of the cart. Things like cantaloupe.
But we made it home and two more things have happened that I need to report on. One, his full-sized bed arrived and he is in LOVE. I am in love with the six drawers underneath and he thinks it's pretty sweet that we can play the night-night game in HIS bed now. And two, he has been hanging out with a boy who makes a dinasour noise. Need I say more?
Oma and Opa, I owe you BIG. Thank you. I didn't worry at all while I was away because I knew he was happy and safe with you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On my way to Lion's wedding! I will try to figure out this mobile blogging thing.... Back Sunday.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i wear my sunglasses at night

only three relatively painless migraines today. wednesday was brutal with a total of five of them. and now i'm not only having headaches to go along with the intense pressure, but light (particularly sunlight) is extremely bothersome. i've been known to wear my sunglasses while watching television these days. i just hope it doesn't progress to the debilitating pain that many of you suffer from. ugh. i'm taking my topiramate (topamax), but apparently i'm supposed to take two pills at night and i've been taking one in the morning and one at night. regardless, my doc upped my dose.

the funny thing is that the doctors talked all about migraines at the fragile x conference, but i didn't really pay any attention because i wasn't having them and usually premutation carriers get them, not full mutation people. i guess i need to remember that while most of my health issues (depression, anxiety, acid reflux) are related to fxs, some of them are just incidental.

in completely different news, i saw the tail of a deer running through the nature trail by our apartment complex while punkin and i were out on our little evening stroll. i feel immensly blessed that friends and family have made it possible for us to live in a nicer, bigger apartment with space to run around and see deer scampering about.

Friday, September 11, 2009

punkin: 1, mom: 0

He's getting a little too clever. We're watchig Elmo's World: What Makes Elmo Happy or something to that effect (I am too lazy to get up and look or google it) like we do every day now after school -- it's the unofficial Movie of the Month.

Anyhoodle, there's point where he always asks to start the movie over again.
"No, just watch it."
"Melmo? Gagain?"
"Elmo's right there. Just watch the movie."
"Punkin! Just watch."
"Mom? Melmo? Gagain? More? Gagain?"
"Is it?" He starts looking for the remote.
He gets up and goes over to where his dvds are kept. I assume he is giving up and choosing a new movie rather than watch the remainder of Elmo.


He takes Elmo out, shows me, puts it back in the player, and looks at me as if to say, 'Oh isn't that funny! We'll HAVE to watch it from the beginning now. It didn't even OCCUR to me! Teehehehehe!" But instead it comes out, "Put it it it in? OKAAYYEEE!!!"

Little fart.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

note to self and some musings

Dear Last Wednesday Erika,

When you look Punkin's pill case on thursday, make a note to call the doctor as soon as possible to leave a message for a refill. K? K. Be warned, if you don't, the following WILL take place: you won't realize that you ran out of Ritalin until Saturday morning AFTER you've given him his morning dose.

But you'll think that because the doctor's office is open that it will be fine. HA! You'll get all hopeful that everything will be fine and when you call they'll be all apologetic and tell you that they don't usually "do" refills on weekends, and they especially can't this time because his doctor won't be in until Tuesday.


You only have plans to go to an outdoor concert that night (and no afternoon dose to give him), church the next day, and shopping or other out-in-public activities on Monday. No big deal!

You will, in these few days, learn why you started medicating your child in the first place and why you will never ever EVER let his prescription lapse again. You will set the alarm on your phone for next month's refill. And you WILL survive the weekend, I promise.

And you will also survive the migraine on Tuesday afternoon while you drive 40 minutes round-trip to pick up the written prescription at the doctor's office (can't call it in or prescribe automatic refills as it is a controlled substance) and waiting 40 minutes at the pharmacy while an old man hits on you.

Tuesday Erika

I know some parents don't think their children need their ADD/ADHD medications on weekends, but my precious Little Punkin needs his meds every day. He just doesn't know what to do with his body, mainly his limbs. Oh and the BANGING OF THE TOYS.

Today was, of course, a bit of a rough day emotionally, but he got by with the help of his sock, err, my sock.

"Punkin, whose sock is that?"
"Da da sock a Punkin."
"It's mommy's."

He apparently even played with it during center time at preschool. What a goof! Cheap Christmas present, though -- a package of men's tubes socks!

Here's Punkin and Aunt Mememe playing "Nigh-night! Wake up!" for about the 124th time (seriously, that's the whole game -- pretend to sleep, cover up with the blanket, fake snore, yell GETUP in each other's ears, and repeat):

Monday, September 7, 2009

i better take a picture of this for the blog

Aunt Emily is visiting (HOORAY!) and we grew tired of watching old Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas movies, so we relegated Punkin to his porable DVD player and turned on the NCIS marathon. Punkin decided that Shopping Cart and Stroller needed to watch Mickey Mouse, too. And don't forget Sock---

Saturday, September 5, 2009

well, he went with the clean-cut look

Because, as I told his teacher, as much as I was tempted to let him go in his favorite striped shirt (which he often sleeps in) and bed-head, as it is a true representation of my best man, I depend on my mother too much for things like babysitting, a shoulder to whine on, and Mexican food. =)

He wore a very cute green shirt and I combed his hair THREE times that morning - he kept wanting to hang upside down or tossle it around and I had to redo it. He KNEW, Oma. HE KNEW. So if his hair is askew, it is NOT MY FAULT!

He did great. In fact, he's been doing a great job -minus his breakfast meltdowns --all week. What's the deal with breakfast, you ask? Well, I'm not really sure. Because, you see, the child I know eats two hot dogs on a bun, two cups of grapes, and a cup of vegetables for dinner after eating a bowl of chips for snack and a hamburger, two servings of fruit, and vegetables for lunch. He used to love breakfast, and I'm thinking it's the Ritalin.

But even on days when he gets the Ritalin later, he still doesn't eat as much. I'm wondering if, like his momma, he just doesn't care much for breakfast food. I wake up and want pizza; Punkin wakes up and wants tortilla chips.

So he sits and refuses to take even one bite of his breakfast at school. He starts off pitching a fit, but then the aide tells him to stop and he does (!!) and so he just sits and stubbornly refuses to eat a teensy bite of pear or muffin or cereal. Eventually he decides enough is enough and just does it so that he can go to recess, but it's sometimes as long as an hour later.

His teachers have figured out that he does better when he eats breakfast in an integrated room, which makes sense to me; he only has one other kid in his room right now and there's 10x as many positive peer models in the other room. We're going to talk next week about integrating him more since he's been handling the bigger numbers so well, and I think integrating for breakfast might be an easy solution to this behavior problem.

I also have to mention my love-affair with Best Buy. But I need to add a disclaimer: I bought the extended warranty and paid big bucks for it. Anyway, I bought my laptop from Best Buy last May and forked over an extra couple hundred dollars for and extended accidental damage warranty because my other laptop was accidentally damaged to the point of no return and I live with my clumsy self and an ADHD toddler. ANWYAY, not even a month later, that same toddler chucked a toy at the screen and cracked it into oblivion. I took the computer in and within a few minutes they were sending it in for repair. A few weeks later, I had my computer back.

Fast-forward to the present. I have a loveseat and a couch. Punkin has claimed the couch for himself, and so I am relegated to the loveseat. In fact, even when he's in bed, I sit there even though size-wise, we really should switch, no? But let's not be logical. ANYWAY, I had the laptop sitting on MY COUCH, plugged in, and Punkin decided he didn't want it there and shoved it onto the floor. I panicked, as this is how my first laptop broke. WARRANTY! I checked it out and everything but the power cord looked fine.

The cord is useable, but I don't want to damage my computer in any way, so I finally took the cord in to Best Buy and asked them about it. WARRANTY! They cover it (one time). AND AND, they will give me one new battery before the warranty expires. I'm telling you, even if the screen hadn't cracked, the cord and a battery alone are worth the cost of the warranty -- which is for three years.

And unlike that OTHER place where I bought my camera (which is now stolen, and yes I will say that every time I mention my camera because I am still bitter), their warranty actually meant something. And they didn't ask any questions -- because I paid for a service and am now cashing in on it. Because that's how the customer service world is supposed to work, thankyouverymuch.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bye, truck! love you, too!

Punkin says the silliest things, I swear. He told a passing truck this morning that he loved it. No, he assumed that the truck loved him as much as he loved it (and cared enough to tell it as much). And perhaps it did. Perhaps it did.

He is one smart little guy. When he wants to go somewhere, he brings me my purse and my shoes. And once we got that settled tonight, he grabbed about five cars and said, "Hold 'em?"
"You can take two." He dropped all but two. And then went through a seven minute process to determine whether or not those were, in fact, the two he actually wanted to bring. Once we got in the car he set them on the seat and never touched them again; I'm pretty sure they're still there.

But the important thing is that he knows the concept of "one," "one more," and maybe even "two." And that's pretty stinkin awesome.

But with maturity in areas such as imaginative play, speech, an ability to tolerate (and even prefer) larger groups of children and a desire to be independent -- especially a desire to be independent --comes a feisty streak. A sits-for-an-hour-at-the-breakfast-table-refusing-to-take -a-teensy-tiny-bite-of-banana-bread-feisty streak. Ya, THAT.

And he's replaced the pink blanket with a blue one. He left the pink one at school one day and I offered him the blue one instead. He accepted, and now it's a match made in heaven. It's also half the size, so that helps, but I kinda miss the pink one. I found it funny.

Speaking of funny, tomorrow is picture day. Should we take a poll in the comments on what Punkin's hair will look like?