Sunday, January 10, 2010

meanwhile, he gladly smashes his entire hand in a pile of ketchup

Applying hydrocortisone cream to the back of Punkin's knees is like poking a fish. He's on his tummy in bed, and I warn him, "I'm gonna put medicine on your legs."
"Ready?" I touch him.
Legs are flapping, hands are flailing, wiping the white goo off of his knees."A MESS! A MESS! A MESS! TWEAN UP? TWEAN UP?" He's staring up at me, begging me for help; I hand him a towel.
And yes, I am laughing while I reach for the other leg.


Anonymous said...

the key is it's his choice to smash his hand in the ketchup. I haven't noticed this behavior in a while...maybe all the time spent in the hospital getting poked and prodded??? but if I even touched him anywhere he would have to "wipe" it off.

Kristiem10 said...

lol, that's funny.