Sunday, January 17, 2010

oh this is too good; or, my life in a sitcom

Have you ever done that -- daydreamed your life as the opening credits of a sitcom? Well, now you know that I have. Mine was always the "city girl out on her own" gig - very Mary Tyler Moore. I also starred in and wrote some extremely high quality Huffy bike commercials. ME? Enjoys being the center of attention? NOOOO!

And you know, even though I was so traumatized by The Great Mouse Invasion of 2009 that I wrote "chocolate mouse pie" instead of chocolate mousse pie in a previous post, it really has provided great fodder and fun for this blog.

So when I mentioned to my dad that the fan motor in my car sounded like an unbalanced washing machine and he hypothesized that there might be a chunk of ice stuck inside, I REALLY, REALLY secretely hoped it would turn out to be a rodent.

Clearly you see where this is going.

Oma and I are currently driving to Chicago with Punkin to be part of a Fragile X study and Opa is at home checking out my car. He called about 10 minutes ago; this is a rough retelling of our conversation:

Opa: So there was definitely something in there making it unbalanced. You'll never believe what it was.
Me (using my best high-pitched, hyper voice): IT WAS NOT A MOUSE!!
Opa (who is dying laughing): Yes! They won't leave you alone!
Me: MOM, it was a MOUSE! Was he all frozen?
Opa: Yes! He was in there, which made it unbalanced, and his tail was hitting the blades. I think he crawled in for warmth and then when you started your car it sucked him from the heater coil into the fan.
Oma: UGH! Was he all chopped up?
Me: No, he was FROZEN! This is so awesome.


Kristiem10 said...

Unbelievable! That is just nuts!

Sarah said...

No way! LOL.

Umma said...

That is not funny. Not at all. In fact, it is the least funny thing I've read in ages...

*smiles innocently*

Laura said...

Why do mice have it in for you? I am sending you Ratatouille and Fievel, I think.

1 Special Family said...

HAHAHA! Actually, I am laughing on the inside! and very jealous! Our car issues were not as simple as a mouse! I suspect a frozen mouse in the engine is somewhat unique! :) and relatively inexpensive :)

d. said...

Hahahaha. It's war!

Anonymous said...

Remember the cat that crawled into the engine of our van when we were all leaving for vacation? Your uncle started the van and heard that same thumping noise.

Punkin's Oma said...

Anonymous: I'm not sure I ever told her that her uncle killed one of her kittens. oops.