Thursday, February 11, 2010

notice the strawberry driving

Punkin hadn't played much with this Little People Bus since I bought for him for Christmas, even though he REALLY wanted it. I pulled it out on Sunday and showed him how the "guys" (Little People) fit inside and made it light up and play music.
His response? "NO! NO GUYS." A few seconds went by and he looked at me quizzically, "Cars?"
"You want to put cars in there?"
So the Hot Wheels cars ride the Little People Bus to the Little People House and have their cars serviced at the Little People Garage. And the Little People? Well, they're resting.
And the strawberry? Punkin received a blender for his birthday and when I showed him how the plastic strawberries bounced around inside of it, he became obsessed. He's been carrying them around ever since. He even tucks them in at night.
Long story short: My kid is weird, and it's fun.


Kristiem10 said...

Oh my gosh. Punkin is Blake. He puts weird things in his LP bus and non-people do the driving.

Jennie said...

I dreamt about him again last night. He was bashing his head against everyone's shins and calmed down after some squeezing.

Vicki Davis said...

Pumpkin is so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

wow- I thought my classroom was the only place that the hot wheels cars ride the school bus! He's not the only one who insists on this...even though we've tried to show them how the people fit in much better.....and really go along with the wheels on the bus song much better! hmmm...the cars on the bus...I suppose it might work :) Pam