Saturday, February 20, 2010

this is what 3/4 of a haircut looks like

Usually we have really good luck going to a kid's haircutting place where they let Punkin sit in a Lighting McQueen car while he watches Cars. Today was not "usually." The place was packed and he had to sit in a Barbie car (not that he cared) and watch Dora, whom he not only didn't care about but didn't recognize.

So we made it three quarters of the way through before the hairdresser gave up the good fight, set down her scissors, and started the process of catching her breath.

He kicked. He yelled. He smacked. He flailed much like a fish on a dock. But it's shorter now. A smidge choppy and maybe in need of a touch-up, but it's out of his eyes and imminent danger of snarling.

This is the before picture, which I share with you only because I had cut off at least an inch from the back and trimmed around his ears about a week ago after a man at Target mistook him for a girl.He's FIVE, you guys!


Umma said...

I should post Monkey's school picture from this past one will ever feel bad about their boy rocking the long hair after seeing it.

I've totally given up on getting it done professionally at this point. Someday we'll try again.

sarah said...

Yes, very Gibbs-like!

He's totally rocking that too!

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the shaggy look. Poor hairdresser.

Haley-O said...

He looks ADORABLE! Love the haircut! xoxo

Vicki Davis said...

He looks great in both pictures, definately looks older with the new do!