Tuesday, February 23, 2010

this is what happens after you give birth

It's been a little over a week since Operation Underwear started, and my anxiety level has dropped steadily every day as he continues to stay dry at school and home. He's had some accidents going #2, but overall I feel confident that we are tackling this hurdle. So confident, in fact, that I've purchased every character underpants I can find and am ready to give away the two brand-new packages of pull-ups under the sink.

So you can imagine my dismay when we're standing in line to pay at the grocery store and I hear a muffled, "What happened?" for the FOURTH TIME today. I look down and, of course, his pants are soaked. At this point I don't want to make a scene; I don't want twelve people coming over to talk to me about potty-training and I don't want to freak out the customers behind me. I freeze. Luckily, Punkin freezes as well.

"Do you have a paper towel?" I wipe up the remarkably small amount that made it to the floor --most of it soaked into his left shoe --and then, to stifle any worry from onlookers, calmly shove the paper towel WITH PEE ALL OVER IT into my coat pocket. Don't even think twice.

We take our receipt, walk to customer service to exchange bills for rolls of quarters to do laundry, and leave.

This is not about the excessive amount of laundry I had to do or the fact that I pissed off my neighbors as Punkin's shoes clunked around in the dryer. This is not even so much about the number of accidents he had today, although it is a little frustrating to deal with inevitable "backsliding." It is about this:

People, I had pee in my pocket.


Punkin's Oma said...

LOL a lot. When are you bringing the coat over to be washed?

Anonymous said...

what a good mom you are. =)

Holly's Mom said...

Poor you and little Pumpkin too! I would have left the paper towel there, but I am uncouth like that!

Jennie said...

Oh MAN!!! That is exactly the difference between women with kids and women without. I will take people's ABC gum into my hand and throw it away, but DUDE. No pee in my pocket.

Umma said...

I really just don't know what to say...lmao.

SB said...

My husband was thinking about coming up with a fun, hip, humorous line of FX Mom t-shirts.

Yours would obviously have to read:

"I'm a FX Momma. Nothin' scares me, I've had pee in my pocket..."

GREAT story.

1 Special Family said...

Lol... That's being a mom!