Tuesday, February 16, 2010

you might hear about poop again

Punkin just finished day three of Operation Underwear. I am so proud of my little man; he has been dry and has only had accidents with going poop. The first day he pooped on the floor, the second day he pooped in his undies, and today he held that poop in as long as he could!

He knew it shouldn't go in his underwear or on the floor, but he also wasn't quite comfortable with the idea of letting it go into the toilet. He tried, oh he tried, and God bless his teachers for sitting and waiting with him in that stinky bathroom, but he held it until 3:00pm when I promised he could watch TV on my phone while he tried to go. About two seconds later he relaxed and -- PLOP!

Aren't you glad you clicked on my blog today?

I wouldn't have thought to try underwear at all, but he brought them to me on Sunday and insisted on wearing them. At first he wanted them over his pull-up, but a few minutes later he had that off, too. I'm hoping that the fact that he's initiating it means that it might stick this time. Yes? Yes. Sounds good to me.

Going out in public has been nerve-wracking, especially when we went bowling on Monday afternoon with an agency that is connected to his respite agency. They have activities throughout the week for kids ages five and up. And yes, it was real live bowling. With a real ball. I am happy to report that nobody suffered a concussion and I only had to chase him down the alley once. The hardest part was learning to wait his turn. I'm hoping each week will grow easier and less physically demanding.

Speaking of easier, why are toys so COMPLICATED? I have been looking since Christmas for a simple car ramp where the cars can race each other, and today I just happened upon one while I was waiting to get my oil changed. It is a huge improvement over the one I bought him for his birthday which falls apart and then requires fixing approximately every four minutes. Of course he insists on matching each car to its proper color. The best part, though, is when he says, "On your mark, get set, go!" because it sounds like, "Uncle Mark, dit det, DOH!"

Also, check out the new button along the left-hand side from AccessDNA.


Anonymous said...

Yea- he finally went! :)

Kristiem10 said...

Excellent! I am thinking the fact that he initiated it is a good sign. Also, you are so blessed to have such cool respite opportunities. I lol'd when I envisioned you chasing him down the lane.

Umma said...

I think the fact that he wants it this time is HUGE! Go Punkin!

On the bowling, we did it ONE time. You are much more committed than I, lol.