Saturday, March 13, 2010

and then he asked how i'm doing, because he's awesome

On March 3, I posted the following to my Facebook page: Going to the doc to talk about adjusting ADHD meds. Of course, they only schedule these appointments at 5pm, when all of the meds have worn off. All I have to say is, "Watch out, Doc!"

The comments that followed were pretty funny. Suffice it to say that we agreed on two things: the doctor would have NO issue increasing Punkin's dosage and most of these professionals -- as much as we love and respect them -- wouldn't last a day alone with our children!

Anyway, Punkin was really in the throes of the whole barking thing during the days leading up to the appointment. So when my friend Jennie called the next day to ask how it went and I said, "He barked. The whole time" she just couldn't contain her giggles.

So how did his doctor react? Totally calm, as always. I explained that the pieces of shredded paper from the exam table were dogs and he remarked, "Imaginative play. That's great!" Sweetest man on earth.

I expressed my concern about his behavior in the afternoon, and he asked me to be more specific. This was difficult to do on the spot. Mostly I just wanted to point out that my son doesn't ALWAYS bark incessantly and shred things to bits while running around a 10x12 room. Honest. SOMETIMES he sits.

"He just doesn't know what to do with his arms and legs. He can't follow a simple direction. We'll be standing at the car, I'll let go of his hand to open the door, and he'll take off in the opposite direction. He just can't function. He can't sit. He can't listen."

He checked to make sure he hadn't lost any weight and in fact he is gaining weight, so he felt comfortable with the increase. He's now taking 5mg in the morning and 5mg at 12:30 of the generic Ritalin.

We also talked about trying generic Zoloft again to try to ease the anxiety of living life. Punkin has been amazingly good about taking it and I think it's making some differences in his willingness to try new things like LETTING A HERMIT CRAB WALK ON HIS ARM.

Ya. I know.

I wouldn't do that, either!


Punkin's Oma said...

I love Punkin's doctor. He is the best. And he asks my opinion when I go with you. And did I tell you he's the best ever!

Kristiem10 said...

He does sound like a great doctor.

Jennie said...

Ooo, progress! That's amazing about the hermit crabs!

Vicki Davis said...

Does he use Liquid Sertraline? (Zoloft) how do you give it to him? I give Holly her's in 1-2 ounces of V8 Peach mango juice, through a bottle. But some days it is a challange, and i wonder if she really gets the full dose.

the other lion said...

Vicki, Some days it is more of a challenge (like last night). Usually I try to give it to him in the afternoon before his ADHD meds have worn off so he is a little more cooperative.

It is liquid and I'm supposed to mix it with 4oz of water or OJ or something similar. Well, he can't have OJ, so water it is! I bribe him with cookies and candy. I hold out the cookie with the water so he can see it and then tell him he needs to drink the medicine all gone to get the cookie. It usually works.

Have you ever tasted the stuff? It's like really cheap vodka. Not good. Can't wait until he can take a pill.

I can see the issue, though, with Holly being younger. She wouldn't really understand that.

I worry, too, that if he misses a dose or whatever how that will affect him because I know how missing too many doses of MY medicine affects ME.

Maybe ask if they will flavor it for you? Walgreens has a whole page of options.

Vicki Davis said...

My packaging says to give it to her with 4 oz of lemon-aid or lime aid, but because her dose is so small I use about 1-2 ounces. She throws up every time I have tried to give it to her in food or directly, so I can guess it tastes bad, and I asked the Pharmacist about flavoring it but he wasn't sure that we could because it was an oral concentrate, and was going to research it but has never gotten back to me. Also, she might be allergic to the dye they use in the flavoring, as last ear infection she had a reaction to the amoxicillian but we didn't blood test to verify the allergy and the Doc still thinks it could be a reaction to something else like the flavoring, so I am supposed to avoid both :-(.

It certainly shows if she misses a dose or doesn't get a full dose, when she had the ear infection a few weeks ago, it hurt her to drink from the bottle, so it was a battle every day to give to her, which is when I tried giving it to her strait, and with a spoon of food, and in other types of liquid, I gave it to her a few times in yogurt Juice, but I think that interacted with the absorption, because it was almost like she didn't get it at all. When we see Dr. Hagerman next I am thinking about increasing the dose, as I am still seeing anxiety, and no "verbal explosion" but i did notice a big different in concentration and attention and some reduction of anxiety.

I can;t imagine what you must go through giving him meds in a cup to drink, with a bottle I can sometimes shove it in her mouth (that sounds awful) and get her to drink some of it, but with a glass and a drink, it would be a nightmare. Good luck!

Gettysburg Mom said...

There's no way I would ever let a hermit crab stroll on my arm. Good for him!

And my two girls meow. A constant chorus of kitty meows!