Tuesday, March 23, 2010

going on and on about my medical problems

(or, my sister will love this post.)

I have had every part of my stinkin' body tested this year. It started with the head CT and two eye exams because of an episode of blurry vision, then moved to an MRI, MRV/MRA (to check for blood clots) and and EEG because the episodes were happening 6-8 times a day.

Then I started getting headaches so the episodes were deemed migraines. Then the neurologist decided I looked too tired (ha!), so I had a sleep study done. Then months later people at work started asking why I was always short of breath, so I went in to my doc and she had me go in for a chest x-ray and an echocardiogram. During all of this I had low white blood cells and frequent ear discomfort. And I started doing the acupuncture thing, which rocks. You should totally jump on that bandwagon.

Anyway, all of the tests came back normal. And they all are costing a million billion dollars. Thank goodness for payment plans. Eventually my blood count bounced back, the migraines have been controlled with medication, and the blurry vision subsided.

But that pesky ear pain just wouldn't go away. And I was becoming more and more agitated with my doctor who kept telling me that my ear was waxy, but fine. BECAUSE IT HURT.

So Monday she sat down and thought for a minute. Then she stood up and felt my jaw and suggested maybe I see a dentist for TMJ.

Have I ever expressed to you, dear friends, how much I despise the dentist? You know what else I despise? The fact that I have no dental insurance, which I have used as a crutch to avoid going to the dentist for FIVE YEARS.

But the pain.

So I called and I went. And no TMJ was discussed. We discussed the broken molar in the back of my mouth -- the one that I had a root canal on the last time I was at the dentist, during which I sobbed and dripped snot out of my nose. I'm crazy for not wanting to go back, right?

But the tooth isn't the issue, really. Nope. It's my wisdom teeth. The bottom left one is peeking out and most likely infected, but nothing can be done except to pull it along with the other three. It's referring pain to my ear and, apparently, the rest of my face. So awesome.

When I called the oral surgeon to ask about price and payment plans I received a curt answer, "$400 a tooth, an extra $315 if you want to be put to sleep. It's $700 down the day of the surgery and $200 a month payment plan." And click.

Um, call me crazy, but that sounds like my former car payment. FOR SOME TEETH. I will be calling the University to see what options they have -- it has to be cheaper, or at the very least more flexible.


Anonymous said...

For years we knew Megan had to have her wisdom teeth pulled. She refused. REFUSED. Finally, the headaches were getting really bad and more frequent. She finally agreed and the headaches went away.
One suggestion...go see an oral surgeon. Don't have a dentist do it.

Anonymous said...

....and you definitely want to be put out for this.

becky @ misspriss said...

OMG, I feel your pain. I just had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of months ago. $1700 later, all four are gone. You want to be put out! My surgeon only took TWO payments. I was scrambling to get the money together. Argh!

Soupie Fick said...

Go to Keri and Michael Doyle in Bettendorf. Keri is a Pediatric Dentist, Michael is the adult one, but they are compassionate and have always worked with us on payments.

Jennie said...

Ohhh, Baby, I'm so sad that it's so expensive!!!! You really do want to be put under, though - it's the greatest. Definitely have an oral surgeon do it too.

Karen said...

oral surgeon, and keep trying to find a compassionate one who will work with your finances. They do exist, I've met some. Maybe have someone who knows one call on your behalf, maybe someone in your church? I did this for a young woman, also a single mom, calling a friend who was an oral surgeon. He was an angel about it.

1 Special Family said...

The good news is you found out what the problem was ! :) Who knew those stupid teeth that we don't use for anything could cause so many problems? Good luck!