Sunday, March 21, 2010

please don't eat while you read this

Just in case you believed that this blog was turning a corner and was no longer primarily about poop and pee, I come bearing an update on potty training.

Punkin is now happily peeing AND pooping in the toilet -- as long as I remind him. The next step in this whole process is to get him to verbalize that he has to go on his own. Because if I don't remind him, I have a big old mess on my hands, err, floor.

Speaking of messes, did you know that diarrhea can spew like a fountain out of a small child onto your favorite pajama pants? I found that out last weekend. BUTT (ha!), I think the repeated act of going potty (I was SO tempted to put a pull-up on him) might have done the trick in getting him to understand that you just gotta sit there to do the deed, dude.

In addition to stinky apartment and stinky laundry, I was forced to watch Space Buddies 542 times from Saturday at 2am when he woke me up, covered in vomit, to Monday afternoon when it was established that his digestive system was back in order.

Longest weekend OF MY LIFE.

You may now grab a snack if you are done gagging. I know, that Space Buddies website was pretty bad.


Vicki Davis said...

You are Hilarious!

Jennie said...

I was just about to say the same thing that Vicki said. I love it when you are sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I am glad that I stopped eating for that fantastic story. May the potty verbalization come swiftly. I miss you gorgeous, love your guts.

fragilemom said...

I just want to know how in the world you got him to go poop on the potty!!! We try and try and try, but he refuses. Please email me any tips!