Sunday, March 7, 2010


We watch copious amounts of television at our house. Usually it's on in the background while Punkin chases balls around the living room, much like a cat chases a ball of yarn or the red circle of a laser pointer.

But trust me. He is always paying attention. And that's why allowing him to "get stuck" on a movie is big risk. He could start making Krabby Patties ad naseam, become interested in that kitchen set I bought him two years ago when he sees Ratatouille cooking, run for his toolbox every time he sees Handy Manny, or do this:


He's barking. Like the dogs in Up (which he watches ALL the time at Oma and Opa's). When he really gets going, he literally sounds like a real dog, or even several small dogs, chasing the last tennis ball on the planet.

Imagine my bundle of energy hanging out in your church with strips of paper -- the bulletin that he ripped -- strewn about the pew, barking, in the middle of the sermon.

Or perhaps galloping down the juice aisle at the grocery store, flapping strips of paper in front of his face.

Or hiding under the table at a popular restaurant. BARKING.

The best one? In Wal-Mart -- the back of the cart, laying on top of one jumbo pillow with another on top of him covering his entire face and body. A barking shopping cart. THAT didn't draw any attention.


Umma said...

What a crack up. Sorry, he's just too funny.

Punkin's Oma said...

When you called the other morning ( which you never do), I thought you were stuck in your car because there were dogs surrounding you. Then I found out it was Punkin. I could have peed my pants.