Monday, April 26, 2010

should have done this a long time ago

Punkin has goals through his respite program. Well, actually it's his SCL (Supported Community Living) and they work on life skills to help individuals be more independent. One of his skills is to wash his hands. His others are to work on table manners -- eat with a fork and a spoon, put his shoes and socks on, and choose between several items and verbalize his choice. To help with hand-washing I asked his speech teacher to make some Boardmaker pictures: And because he's been backsliding with his toileting skills, I asked her to make this as well:

I covered up the one step because I realized that when I made the sequence, I was thinking of a school bathroom where you open the door and then go wash hands. Well, at home you wash your hands and THEN open the door. Why did we include the door at all? It's called bare butt running down the hallway. In hindsight, the covered step would be flushing.
I think the chocolate bar sealed the deal. He seemed very enthusiastic about peeing in the potty today! Hopefully this makes him more likely to initiate going on his own.
If you don't have Boardmaker or have a younger kiddo, then you can make a sequence using actual photos instead of symbols.


fragilemom said...

OMG what a grand idea! I love Boardmaker and wish we could afford it at home. Luckily, I am able to use the one at the school. I'm going to try this. I like that it's step by step and visual. He's always done good with visual cues. I bet both boys will benefit. You've got me excited about it!

Sarah said...

These visual cues are great. Quinn had these at his old school, and I think they really helped. We should definitely do them at home, too.