Thursday, May 13, 2010


I want to try to explain something. It has to do with this picture that I posted a few weeks ago. See, Punkin has always gotten a kick out of being the leader in a group. My guess is that at some point around age two he realized that he was being bossed around for 90% of his day and he took a chance and tried taking the reigns for a change. Like, "Hmmm. Now, I don't have a teaching degree. And I'm not a mommy, but maybe if I speak emphatically and bat my eyelashes, people will do what I say."

Well, low and behold, we were so tickled that he was speaking that we did just that! It started off innocently enough with clapping our hands and naming body parts. And then it morphed into dancing. Now, I don't remember exactly how this happened, but let's just say that Punkin has convinced teachers, doctors, Stanford researchers, nurses, aunts, uncles, teenage cousins, and even a few random strangers, to stand in place and shake their booties.

That's exactly what he's doing in the photo -- he's leading the dozens of reflections of himself in the mirror in a giant circle time/aerobics class. And they aren't even PROTESTING. AT ALL.

So be warned. It starts innocently, on a small scale. But soon you may find yourself like I did last Sunday night with Oma and Opa-- as one of his minions -- sprinting up and down their rather steep driveway as we ran, danced, clapped, sat down, stood up, and all together gave the neighbors a good laugh just because a five year old told us to.


Kristiem10 said...

Yep. We have little activity directors here, too. Soon it will evolve into the "freeze" dance. That way he can command you on when to dance and when to stop. lol.

Punkin's Oma said...

Oh, Kristie, we have the "freeze" dance. It is definitely in the cycle of things we have to do.

Kristiem10 said...


TherExtras said...

Outstanding! Is he showing you his future?


KC's Mama said...

Wow, just when I think he can't get any cuter, I see him in a Cubs shirt!! Go Cubbies: )

Oh yea, and my Mom and I often joke about how we are trained seals willing to clap and sing anytime KC points his finger lol. We are just glad he is initiating!