Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i think this will work out just fine

My evil plan this afternoon was taken straight out of an episode of Roseanne; buy one expensive box of sugary cereal and then refill it will the cheap generic stuff every week thereafter. This works for every cereal except Lucky Charms. I have yet to find an acceptable substitute for the leprechaun's pot o' marshmallows. I had to crack down somehow; the kid is an addict. My living room floor is testament enough. At the grocery store he walks down the cereal aisle breathily repeating, "Breakfast. Breakfast." When his preschool teacher and I met with his kindergarten teacher and she asked what his likes are, I should have said cereal!

Instead we said anything with wheels, having things the same way every single time, Spongebob, athletic socks (I totally got teased for still owning old man white athletic socks), and being upside down. We also made sure to mention Woody and his magical ability to answer questions Punkin can't.

We explained that Punkin easily feels overwhelmed when he's forced to make eye contact or answer questions, especially on standardized tests or in situations that are new or challenging. But we've found (thanks to his teacher) that he will let us know what Woody thinks the answer is when we ask him. For example, when we were at the grocery store the other day and had already dealt with the cereal aisle, I asked Punkin repeatedly what he wanted to eat for dinner. He ignored me. I then asked him what Woody wanted to eat for dinner. "Strawbaberries! Noonuls!"

I assured his new teacher I would send Woody whenever she asked, but she was already writing down BUY WOODY DOLL on her notepad. "Oh no, oh no. I'm getting my own."


Kristiem10 said...

Sounds like a great teacher. I like the plan you hatched. FWIW, I am pretty picky about generic cereal and I can't taste the difference between Lucky Charms and Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow Mateys. Any other generic tastes different to me.

Jennie said...

Awww, nice teacher!!!

Bonnie said...

I have tried that -- substituting similar foods in recognizable packaging. I've tried it with cereal, yogurt, and Chef Boyardee microwaveable ravioli. They can always tell, those little FX buggers. ;-)

Holly's Mom said...

Sounds like a great teacher, and that tip I hope will save me in many future feeding battles.