Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i want to write about it, but i am so tired you guys

I really, really want to write about how my son is losing his mind. How he keeps it together, for the most part, all day at school and then comes home and just melts down into a blubbering, angry mess of a five year old. I want to tell you all about how it feels like he's hit, kicked, punched, and bit me more in the last two nights than he has in his entire life. I want to be able to explain the ridiculousness of trying to buckle him into his carseat while he's slapping at me like the blades of a fan, all the time grinning at me like it's a big game. It was so ridiculous, in fact, that I almost started laughing at one point. That is until he pinched my arm for the fifty thousandth time and I grabbed his face and I scolded that kid like I have never scolded him before.

And then AND THEN he asked for candy. CANDY.

"NOYOUDONOTGETCANDY!" And then I took a deep breath and sternly explained it again. Hitting = bad choices. Bad choices = no candy, no movies.

We sat in silence until, "Mommy?"

"Yes, Punkin?"

"No hit."

"You're right. No hit. Are you ready to use gentle touches?"

"Yes, gentle."

"Hands are for high-fives. Hands are for shaking. Hands are for waving 'hi.' Hands are not for hitting. No hitting."



"Watch TV?"

"No, Punkin. You hit Mommy. No TV. We're going to take a bath. We have to get the strawberries out of your hair."


"Yep. Punkin, when the strawberries are all gone at school, you just say, 'okay.' No put plate on head. No rub hands on shirt. That makes a mess. When food is all gone, you say, 'okay.'"

"Hair messy."

"Ya, strawberry juice is messy."


Kristiem10 said...

You poor dear. Hope things ease up for you soon. Sounds like you handled it well, though.

Robin said...

You wrote it all very well momma. You are a good momma.

Vicki Davis said...

Sigh! Deep Breaths! Tomorrow is a new day.

Jennie said...

You did a good job.

Laura said...

You are such a good mom. Hang in there. I am sending you love for Mother's Day.

Aunt Jan said...

So proud of you for following through on your discipline plan. You will be glad you did. I think some of the mothers of my 2nd graders could take a lesson from you. Happy Mother's Day!

KC's Mama said...

Wow,that sound like a tough cople of days! My son is like that too...he will hold it together for the most part during the day, and then he looses it when he gets home. He throws anything he can get his hands on, bites, kicks, etc. It's a pretty isolating experience...being a single mom to a special needs kiddo. Mine is 3.5 yrs old and he has PDD-NOS, and disruptive behavior disorder, along with ADHD (Non medicated-too young), and a seizure disorder. So, I guess I kinda feel your pain. I know I don't totally get it, but I can sympathize. I get that it is so freakin hard sometimes. Seems like you are doing all the right things though. Good luck.