Monday, May 31, 2010

things i have learned this week

Punkin integrates to a larger preschool class for about two hours every day. The teachers in this room really like pets. Sometimes it's tadpoles growing into frogs, sometimes it's caterpillars changing into butterflies, and sometimes, to Punkin's delight, it is eggs hatching to reveal baby chickens. This is how he was standing Thursday morning -- just like he stands every morning -- as I decided to be nice and change the super poopy paper in the bottom of their box. As I grabbed the last little fluff ball out of the box, I felt warm goo on my finger. You guessed it, the first thing I learned this week is that scared baby chicks poop on people even when they're just trying to be nice and improve their living conditions.
On Friday afternoon, I decided to drive up to my sister's place. Turns out Punkin was sick with a fever and a sore throat (second weekend in a row). But the second thing I learned was that it was really nice to have company while he turned into what my sister lovingly refers to as "the velcro monkey."

"Hold you? Hold you? Hold you?" At least while I was chained to the couch, I had an adult nearby to talk to.

When he started perking up a little on Saturday, we attempted to go see Disney's Oceans. Now, apart from it being visually stunning, I kinda feel like it sucked. Okay, okay, I'll be more specific. It lacked organization and that science class guy was narrating it.

Anyway, the third thing I learned? When you try to pop popcorn to sneak into a movie theater, you should wait until it cools before you pour it into a plastic bag.
On Sunday, the day after Punkin decided to stay up until 3am, we decided to head to the lake with Auntie. Number four? I hate lakes. I was not the biggest fan of the random floating objects in the water, but Punkin was ALL ABOUT that place. He could have played chase the ball all day. "GETITGETITGETIT!!"
The lake is right next to the zoo, which is where I learned my fifth and perhaps most important lesson. Zebu are NOT just characters in a song from a Veggie Tales movie.


Punkin's Oma said...

Thank you for adding the Veggi Tale song; I didn't know it. VERY funny. Love you.

Wombat Central said...

I, too, smuggle a similar looking bag into the movies! And my daughter's kindergarten class has chicks right now. After your explanation, I think I now understand why the teacher won't let them hold the chicks. ;)

Kristiem10 said...

I love the song of the Cebu! My favorite next to Barbara Manatee.

Jennie said...

BABY CHICKENS!!!!! Also, you look HOT in your swimsuit. Hott.

fragilemom said...

Love this entry! I especially love the popcorn episode. I'll have to remember that. Man, haven't heard that Veggie song in a while!

bambooska said...

Is popcorn expensive there too? Because it costs two eyes in these lands here. THE HORROR.