Saturday, June 19, 2010

i couldn't convince him to wear his costume

Toy Story 3 was awesome, guys.
And the popcorn was huge.

He was pretty wiggly until he saw Woody and Mr. Potato Head on the big screen. Then he froze and Miss Sackie (I know!! She came with us!) whispered to me that he was grinning.

The movie was smart, fun, and heartwarming; I can't wait to go back with Oma and Opa -- maybe he'll wear his Woody costume next time. =)


Kristiem10 said...

That is great! I am going to try to take my kids to see it next weekend.

Kathy said...

Yes that was a BIG popcorn. Thanks so much for inviting us. I bet he talked about it all night. See you in the morning.

Love ya David,
Ms. Saukie

the other lion said...

We saw a commercial for it today and he ran up to the TV and started giggling. It was awesome. He clearly remembered that scene from the day before.

Wombat Central said...

Aw, so nice he was tickled by it. Of course, with a vat of popcorn the size of Rhode Island, who wouldn't be happy? Can't wait to take my kiddos to see it.

My neighbor goes to special "sensory friendly" viewings of movies here where they aren't so dark and the sound isn't quite as loud. Do you have those there?

bambooska said...

Even I am excited to see the movie! I had to watch Toy Story 2 again because I was afraid I forgot it. I love kid's movies!

Except maybe UP because it made me cry as hell.

Michelle said...

We went yesterday and Finn loved it. It was awesome.