Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the kid is brilliant

Punkin's Woody dolls have made many a trip and even enjoyed a few bites of bacon during one of them. The original Woody is actually no longer viable, as Punkin went through a rather nasty oral motor stage and chewed through his boot and jeans, causing a cascade of tiny white beads onto the floor of a neurologist's waiting room. He now carries two of them -- because pairs of things are always better. DUH!

I just love the way that he treats these two dolls like babies. He does the same thing with the two Elmo dolls in his classroom, although there's been a custody dispute as of late between him and another boy. He holds them over his shoulder, covers them in a blanket, pats their backs, and says, "oohhh, nice."

The other morning I let him bring them in to school for a little bit; I mentioned Woody might be a little hungry, so them fixed him a snack.

They insist on traveling with a fleece blanket no matter the temperature so they can sleep in the car, because who can sleep without FLEECE? And every night I give all three of them kisses after prayers. I'm pretty sure Buzz Lightyear is in there somewhere, too. Notice the Woody couple have their own Woody blanket for bedtime.
And here I was afraid he wouldn't be excited to see Toy Story 3!


Punkin's Oma said...

I LOVE that boy. and I LOVE how he says, "I wuv u, too, Oma"

Gettysburg Mom said...

That's awesome. My kids insist on watching TV with fleece blankets...even in August. I think it's nasty hot, but they seem happy.

I love, love, love the new blog look! It looks great!

And I'm debating about whether or not to brave a theater with four kids for Toy Story 3. Scary. Fun. Scary. Fun. Back and forth I go...

Kristiem10 said...

I love that last pic. So sweet.