Thursday, June 3, 2010

looka i got!

There have been a few exciting developments this week, the first of which was the discovery of the red vacuum in Punkin's bedroom that has gone untouched for months; he scurries off to get it every evening when I plug in the real vacuum to help me clean up all of those "Fosted Fakes."

During one of these cleaning sessions, I pulled the loveseat out from the wall and found myself in an interesting situation. There sat the Christmas At Home vintage cartoons DVD; I had a choice to make -- tell him or silently walk to the garbage can. Of course I enjoy torture, so I happily relayed the news, "Look what I found! It's Christmas!"

When Punkin is excited about a movie, he runs around the apartment, closes all the doors, shuts off all the lights, wiggles his hips into his space on the couch while flapping his arms, and announces, "ready!" The look of pure joy on his face was worth hearing those awful, high-pitched voices again.

And finally, yesterday Punkin's Godfather stopped in town to see us and gave him a lunch box that he picked up when he went to the Indy 500 over Memorial Day. He was pretty impressed, calling it a "box, wow." This morning he put his new semi truck in it and carried it to school to show his teachers. I'm pretty sure they were all jealous.

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Kristiem10 said...

He's so sweet. I love this post.