Sunday, July 11, 2010

a case of the sundays

Punkin slept late today. We're talking 7am. I know, right? He ate his cereal and then padded over to the fridge for a look, pulling out a bag of shredded cheese and a package of tortillas.

"You want a taco?"

"Ya, sure!"

"That actually sounds really good."

We ate our tacos, watched some cartoons, and got ready for church. I figured since he was so well fed that church would be a breeze. HA! I'm pretty sure the Ritalin I gave him was a placebo. Kid would not stop talking. I mouthed this to my mother during the prayer (I know) and he chimed in with, "AMEN!"

After church we decided to go to one of our favorite locally owned restaurants because it's fast and cheap. After waiting 30 minutes, our server came over to warm my parents' coffee and we pulled it out of him that the kitchen had just received our order and "was working on it." We left. Fast food tastes good, too.

Of course I had given Punkin his second dose of Ritalin once we arrived at the first restaurant, but after all that time his appetite turned sour and he refused to eat even french fries.

Back at Oma and Opa's, Punkin informed me that the pool was "broken" and it was time to watch TV. The child who went to the grocery store in his swimming suit on Thursday because I couldn't peel it off of him refused to go swimming today. I didn't understand it, but it was fine.

Oma and I quickly tired of The Rescuers, which is Punkin's latest movie fascination, so we decided to wander around the mall. He hit four people including a stranger, who I don't think noticed, as we walked to JCPenney to ride the escalators while Oma looked at purses. The only person he apologized to, of course, was a mannequin. (!)

I thought twice about stopping at the grocery store on the way back to our apartment, but we really needed a couple of things for the week so I decided to brave it. Surprisingly, he did great save the two times he ran off with the cart! As soon as we got home he ate dinner and was very happy. The fun started again after he went to bed.

See, when Auntie came to visit she noticed that some lovely wasps have built a nest on the frame of my balcony door. Upon further inspection, it actually appears as though there might be an old nest and the beginnings of a new one -- so three total. GROSS.

I called my landlord, who lives out of town, and they had someone drop off a can of spray a few days ago. I was not thrilled with this arrangement, but I tried it. It didn't work, and today when I went out to spray it again, I got stung right through my shirt and my bra. OUCH.

Thankfully Oma came to my rescue to pull the stinger out and get me some ice. Needless to say I will not be venturing out there again. I'm usually not too fond of the weekend ending, but this day has just been exasperating!


Kristiem10 said...

Sounds exhausting but familiar. Sorry about the wasp sting. Ouch!

Laura said...

Oh, man!! Here's hoping Monday is awesome :)

Gettysburg Mom said...

Gah! I hope your Monday goes much, much better. Sting-free even!

You always have such wonderful pictures of your son. I love the snaps at the museum below and the strawberries.

Again, hope today (and all of this week for that matter!) is better for you. :D